Monday, February 22, 2010

When Little Ones Look Up To You

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Today’s Blog Post

When Little Ones Look Up To You

As you can see in the photo the young Cub Scout was looking at me as I demonstrated the Spring Pole Lathe for her. I was sure she was watching what I was doing… not watching me.

(See story about the Spring Pole Lathe Feb 21 – Yesterday)

I have thought about this photo a lot since Saturday when my wife first caught the two of us in that pose.

If you look close at her face you will see her looking me over carefully. Can I trusty this Old Guy that is saying all these words that I do not understand? Or maybe – Will I get hurt if I do this? There are lots of things that may be going through her mind.

When she stepped up on the box a whole bunch of other Cub Scouts had done this before her. It was a challenge moment I am sure. She had stood in line waiting for her turn to mount the Box and take a turn.

Life is like that. I watch people before I get involved. I carefully look them over to see if I can trust them.

As I think back in my own life I think of two kinds of occupations that I always look over carefully. One – is the real-estate sales person. Two – is a Car Salesman. Both of these will take fairly large chunks of change from me… and I look at them carefully.

But then I also look over the Cashier at the store… is she really listening to me when I answer her, “How are you today?”

In fact as I consider this deep thought I look at each person the same way the Cub Scout did… very carefully. Can I trust them?
Heaven only knows how many times people have looked at me that way when I was the minister in a church. I gulp on this one. No wonder they sat with their arms crossed and stared at me.

I remember one time when I dressed up like a real nut case in preparation for what I was about to preach on… coveralls, an old hat and my stomach stuffed with pillows. I looked like my grandfather that had a big tummy.

My demeanor changed when I started pulling out the pillows and throwing them into the audience. Two people walked out! They thought I had gone ‘beezerk’/completely crazy.

I do apologize to those folks that walked out… the ones that stayed got the message.

So today as I conduct my business and meet people I am aware more than ever how much I am being watched. Actually I don’t have much more to offer than the way that I look when people first look at me… then I try to live up to what they saw – or live better than what they thought they saw in my frailty.

Too much to think about… whew!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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