Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flying Past the Younger Ones – on my Speed Skates

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Today’s Blog Post

Flying Past the Younger Ones – on my Speed Skates

Stiffness is evident today… just a little. Hmmm? Can’t figure why this is happening?

Yesterday I felt very old suddenly. In fact I was the oldest person at the event. But I did it. I whizzed around faster than (almost) anyone in the place!

What am I talking about? It was Family Day in Ontario and we did a Family thing. I joined in with my Whitby Grandsons and their parents for a Free Skate. I donned my Speed Skates that I have had for 48 years and whizzed around the ice like I was about 18 years old!!! No kidding!

But can my Grandsons ever skate. The little characters whiz around like they are fire. Even the youngest one that is 8 years old whizzes around at the speed of light.

After the skate my Son-in-law Bill said his legs were killing him. He hadn’t been on skates for a few months now. Sheesh – it has been 12 months for me! Come on Bill!

The truth is that I am not living out my age. I am much younger than 65 and I can whiz by the younger ones around me… even if I am 25 years older than the next person skating with me.

It was a ball with my daughter holding hands with me as we glided around the ice together. Perfect skating partners to say the least. People were snapping photos of this old grey haired guy holding this cute young mom up. Some thought she was holding me up! HA!

I write of the wonder of aging and staying young – both physically and mentally. I want to skate until I am 90 years of age – or maybe older. There is nothing like the feeling of the wind rushing by your face as you push harder and harder on the speed skates below you.

Gotta run… more exercise to do today. The stiffness may go away after one hour or so…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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