Friday, February 12, 2010

Caught on a Bicycle – Wow!

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Today’s Blog Post

Caught on a Bicycle – Wow!

I feel like a discovered North America! Kind of the way that the early explorers did when they first saw this land. But I have not come to conquer but rather to see all the newness around me.

Today I looked at my house of 925 Western Ave in Peterborough, Onatrio on Google Maps. It was the coolest thing to see our home from different angles…moving up and down our street with ease.(Try the Link below to come to my home!)

It appears that at about 9 AM the Google Maps – Street View vehicle drove by at that time. There is my red trailer out front and the flag is on the house. It is warm and sunny that day.

I then checked out my daughter and son-in-law’s home. Guess what there house was shot on Garbage Day – which is Thursday. And in their case – there is no stuff in their driveway – across the street from them is different!!!!

Am I ever glad that my garage door was closed!

I remember last year traveling on my bicycle towards down town and cutting through a few streets as I was on my short cut run to get there faster. As I rode along I saw a funny little vehicle with a kind of bubble on top… drive by me. It was weird. I happened to hear later that day that the Google Folks were in town doing their video work on our city.

I searched a little the familiar streets that I do my short cuts on…. And BINGO… there is a dude on his bicycle traveling down the similar area that I was on. I am sure that it is ME!

Trying to get closer to actually see me… didn’t happen. I must have scurried down another short cut and away from the camera’s view.

It really is too weird seeing your city this way!

To try it further… I asked Google Maps to go to 1422 Elliott Street, Regina, SK. – the house we lived in when I was a young boy. Zoom… the map appeared to show me the street that I used to live on. I pulled the small yellow man to the end of the street – in front of where the house was… turned to my left… and WOW… IT WAS GONE!

In 2008 it was still there… but now it is gone.

What a strange feeling. It was like getting kicked in the mid section. The last time I was there I took photos of it. In fact the door was open and no one was there with the house being completely empty. There had been a fire and it was a mess. Now it is gone.

To the side of where the house was is the large open field where we used to play. That was still the same. Talk about a rush of feelings.

Address after address that we were familiar with or have lived in came on to the monitor!


I have spent more than enough time today zooming around the world looking at old places that I once travelled to or have lived in.

I offer this simple exercise as a possible entertainment for this cold winter day. Go for it!

I have a ton of feelings to deal with now… imagine the old house is gone…. Gotta run…!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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Brenda said...

Another fun way to spend my time---
Thanks Murray!!