Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh What a Feeling – Cell Phone-itis!

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Today’s Blog Post

Oh What a Feeling – Cell Phone-itis!

I can feel the urge coming again. Egad! What a feeling to deal with. I need that new gadget! It is like a fever or something!

The new Samsung Galaxy powered by Android is now available. I need only pay $449.95 – what a deal! And if I buy into Bell Telephone’s program with a signed contract for 3 years and a minimum of $50 per month of voice and data plan – which is only $900 over 3 years… I can have one.

Get this… The phone features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 8GB of internal memory, a 32GB microSD card slot, and a 5-megapixel digital camera with auto-focusing capabilities. It will run on Bell’s new HSPA wireless network, and also comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi.

But then there is the BlackBerry apparatus that is simply amazing – they have the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the Storm2 9550, the Curve 8500, the Tour 9630, the Bold 9000, and the Curve 8900.

But if that isn’t enough Cell Phone companies are offering a Nokia 2720 Fold, a Samsung Forever, a Nokia 6750 Mural, a Nokia N86 8MP NAM, and a Motorola VE465 Active Edition.

How can these different companies get a hold of my mind and heart this way? I cannot believe the “need for speed” and power and connectivity that I have in 2009. Can you believe it?

The only person that needs to call me now is my wife… or I may need to call her if she is out… and sometimes we do it just to see if the other is still there. Too funny really!

We bought two cell phones that cost us $15 per month to operate… and if you don’t use the time that month – and buy another card before the time is up – the amount accumulates. My wife’s phone will soon have a total of over $100 that she can use in any month coming.

Oh yes – one is Blue Tooth capable. The Blue Tooth Fairy was standing in a Costco one day and we bought a simple little apparatus that lets us talk while driving. Wahoo!

What the dickens has that got to do with life anyway? The answer is simple – CONNECTIVITY to the OUTSIDE WORLD.

The other day in a large shopping center I was pulling into a parking space. I slowed to make the turn into the parking area. There in front of me was a young guy of about 20 something staring at his hand held communication device – I think it was a BlackBerry. He knew enough to keep walking up the parking lane from his car to the store… but not enough to know that there were cars approaching him – HEAD ON! I slowed because I could see the potential crash scene about to take place… I stopped and he crashed into my front bumper… hitting his knee(s) and fumbling forward. It as then that I saw it was a BlackBerry … as it flew forward a short distance out of his hands before he grabbed it again.

The dirty look he gave me was amazing. The young man had been Texting and lost all control of the WORLD AROUND HIM…. and crashed into my vehicle.

It may be the first operator of a Hand Held Device crashing into a vehicle while walking.

He talked dirty to me for a little while afterwards… I mean he used some dirty words to describe his deep feelings for almost losing is communication device. Who knows what he Texted after that!?

As we walked into the Mall he was still Texting while holding on to the BlackBerry – and never even noticed me pass him.

To give me the air of connectivity… I reached up my right hand, touched the button on my Blue Tooth ear piece and said “Call Home” to which the lady in my head(or ear) replied, did you say “Call Home?” “yes” was my reply… and I grinned as the young dude looked up… Here was the Old Guy using a Blue Tooth Fairy’s thingie… and talking to himself.

The young dude blinked and continued Texting and as the Old Guy talked to himself.

I just had to show him that I was more connected that he was. Ha!

So today… I am dreaming… maybe Santa will connect me to an outside world…. Oh boy! Time to head to the Gym…

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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