Friday, December 4, 2009

Blogging – What a Ride!

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Today’s Blog Post
Blogging – What a Ride!

So it is Friday AM and I am trying to get my head around one very full world – full of stories. Which one do you point to? Each one is like a trigger for a Million Thoughts. I am having a difficult time slowing down to write about it all.

This Blogging is an amazing ride.

Two phone calls from Physicians at different places across Canada checking out what I wrote about on Multiple Sclerosis – November 23, 2009 ( ).

The series I wrote on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought many comments my way. Some of the comments came from University Profs as well as broken Ministers and Missionaries. No one has written about this from a personal perspective from what it appears.

Tiger Woods got caught doing something other than playing Golf. Is it really marital problems? When you are almost God like, married to a beautiful lady, and have wonderful children… how could he ever mess around with ladies that are less than lovely… who are in it for as big a dollar as they can squeeze from him? I mean how crazy can one man be? He gets every man’s dream to play Golf all the time and be paid a kazillion dollars to do so… then he messes up…

Do I write about that? I have an opinion on his life style for sure.

Robert Thirsk is now back on the ground. He is weak. He is dizzy. He will face many months of recovery and building back his body. But he will not do it alone. In his words he is “like a Laboratory Rat…” They will be studying him closely. And believe it or not he wants to go back again and do it all over. But first he has to check with his Wife and Boss to see if it is okay to do so.

I think I know the answer to that one.

This morning’s news carried the report that a Chinese Official scolded our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper while he is visiting China – because he has not come to visit China in 5 years time. For a country that was once closed up tight to any of us ever visiting… this certainly is a new turn in events.

But our Prime Minister is used to “Scolding”. Everyday in our Parliament “Mr. I”. and his fellow Liberals try their hardest to scold the Government and “Mr. H”. for doing a lousy job of governing.

After the call from the Physicians yesterday – maybe Tiger, Robert or Stephen will call today.

Blogging places your thoughts out there for others to read.

To date… there has been 21,933 visitors to the Blog with 27,493 pages viewed. The average per day is 68 visitors and pages viewed 85. This week 612 people have visited the Blog so far.

I think I referred to this one other time… but on an average Sunday Morning in the best of my time… about 25% of the congregation were asleep, another 30% were making plans for what they would do after church, another 15% were texting and answering messages on Cell Phones, 10% needed to go to the bathroom and of the remaining 30% - I wasn’t sure if they really listened or not… some smiled and nodded… one or two said “Amen brother…!” and the rest were there to make sure that some one was there to bolster my feelings. In the course of one month usually one person came up to say that the message meant something to them… that is about 12 per year… sometimes it was the same person…. Ahem!

I am convinced that perhaps the church of the future may well receive their “sermon” before coming to church via a blog or whatever… then we could sit and discuss what was presented… people could talk to each other – rather than listen to one man do all the talking.

At one time we used to have testimonies in church… but now that has even stopped. No criticism – just saying the way that it is…

When you can reach 600 to 700 per week… this way… why would you ever want to talk again?

I am waiting for a new explosion shortly. Something I wrote is about to be read by someone and I will get another call… yikes!

Blogging – What a ride!

~ Murray Lincoln ~



David Grant said...

Sooo....knowing what you knew, why did you keep doing what you did? And why do you keep doing what you do?

From Murray & Alida.... said...

Seeing what I saw each week... started me thinking about what was happening...unsettled me but I was trapped to not be able to change. The system demanded compliance... in order for me to get most others are today.
Now free of the bondage...I can think free and write free... and be's less... but is worth more. Yesterday someone asked me how I felt now. I stated with great gusto - "FANTASTIC... if I would have known it was this great I would have done this 25 years ago!"