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"Life is short. Have an affair."

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Today’s Blog Post
Life is short. Have an affair.

Now I know the Title of today’s Blog will have stopped most of my readers. They have either dropped their coffee cups – or choked on something!

“How could a Minister even place that as a title to something he has written?!?! I cannot believe it! What will people think?!!!!”

Well in our area of Canada ‘Ashley Madison’ was coming to town. She/they had the intention of renting a large space on the side of the TTC Street Cars/Buses with that statement written on it… soliciting potential business in the Toronto and surrounding area.

Business? What business? Well for all you good ‘church goers and people of extreme refinement’ – the business is one of hooking up your spouse with some that he or she can have an affair with. That’s it – plain and simple.

Knowing that most church goers would never in a million years even look at this kind of signage… ‘Ashley Madison’ decided to place it at strategic places on the TTC – where thousands of Torontonians travel each Sunday to church thereby giving them something to think about.

Now I live in Peterborough which is a wee bit out of Toronto but still close enough to often go there for business or pleasure. I ride the TTC from time to time. I look at 90% of what is advertised. AND I WILL DEFINITELY READ THIS KIND OF OFFER! Ashley was counting on that!

Now before you have a fit knowing that this was about to take place… the TTC DECLINED THE BUSINESS. BUT with the decline and the proper amount of Media Hype over the “Puritanical Mindset of the TTC” – the media covered the refusal and ‘Ashley Madison’ got to strut her stuff to about 3 Million People for free.

So I looked at the web sites and the places that wrote stuff on the web about ‘Ashley’s’ business. WOW what a lot there is… and what a wide range.

Most of what is written seems to target the Male population with the visuals… but not entirely all of it. It also brings out the temptation in a well balanced way… making sure the potential Female clients are not left out.

But as I researched this piece I spotted the Christian Counter Part to ‘Ashley Madison’. The one that I checked out was entitled “ChristianMingle”. They are not promoting an affair from what I see.

To try to check it out I entered their site as “Widower” giving my personal information… right up to entering a password… and ready to shoot out my particulars to a waiting and lovelorn world of other widows – or singles that may not care that I have a load of Grandkids and Two Overly Bright Daughters that would kill me for picking a new mate (Specially with their Mother still alive and living with me…!!!!)

The word “deception” crossed my mind as I entered the information in the appropriate boxes. The idea of being just a little bit dishonest – in a Christian way – when it asked about my body type… the selection being from “washboard… to needing to lose a few pounds”. IF I WAS DESPERATE – what would I tell the potential person? The assumption is of course that I would be honest.

Now I want to push this idea just a little further… and act as if I was REALLY GOING TO DO THIS. I will have to enter a photo to let my ‘potential date’ know me…. AND OF COURSE I would like to look like a hunk… but may not. (In my case I AM NOT! And KNOW IT!!!)

So whether “Ashley M” or the “ChristianMingle” – what do I offer?

Hey you know I have a great big imagination that often gets me into problems… so here goes.

I am offering you a slate of photos that I might pick to show you. And I am offering a true slate of the real guys behind the Photos. And then as you look them over keep the ‘Ashley Madison’ slogan front and center… “Life is short. Have an affair”.

The "Offer Guys"… and The "Real Guys"… All kind of Hunks

It seems to me that without saying too much more… this is a perfectly DUMB IDEA.

I offer the following as quotes from people that got caught into the stupidity. It is a little like showing you a fish that has great regrets after he snapped at the very nice looking fish hook…

Quotes that show the Pros and Cons of having an affair…How dumb can people be? Pretty dumb actually – you be the judge!

The Pros Of Having an Affair
Of course, there have to be positive points to having an affair or nobody would be doing it. It is often to fill voids that their current relationship doesn’t fill; boredom; loneliness; naturally wondering eyes; and many other reasons. When someone feels something missing in their relationship, albeit emotionally or physically, they will often want to complete the circle, make themselves feel fully satisfied with another person. It can maintain being just self esteem boosting or sexual relief, or it can grow into a valued, caring relationship that continues for many years.

From SallyM, 38: “My husband only thinks about himself when it comes to sex. We have done it probably twice in the last year, both times disappointing for me but fine for him. My lover cares about my sexual needs and we can even talk for hours about anything. He has become both a friend and a lover. It’s fantastic! We’re both happy staying in each other’s side lives too – no complications, no arguments and over ten years now.”

From Tamika, 46: “After years of having next to no companionship, it’s great to have met Gary. He’s sweet, loving and we both feel so connected to each other. I find it amazing that I could click so easily with someone. I still go home to my partner, but it’s nice to feel I have support from my lover when things get down at home.”

From Cam, 27: “My husband’s barely ever home. He is always on business trips or down at the bar with his mates. My lover makes me feel like I’m in a real relationship, without having to deal with the bills, fights or my bad moods. I couldn’t be in my marriage without him and he says the same about me. We’re basically each other’s backbone.”

The Cons Of Having an Affair
Affairs aren’t always fun, loving and risk-free. While there are great reasons to have an affair and many to stay in one, there are also things that make you feel you’re doing the wrong thing and you feel guilt, you have a fight with your lover, or worst case you get caught! One of the primary cons about having an extramarital affair is the risk of pain it would put on the people in the families involved. It may seem fun, exciting and you may have developed no guilt but things can go wrong, conversations may leak out, conflicts might start and the general eventual feeling that you know you’re not the main part in your lover’s life can take its toll.

From Brent, 52: “My wife found out I’ve been having an affair with a woman at work through one of my work colleagues. I didn’t even know they knew about it! The woman I was with didn’t want anything more than casual sex on the side of her own marriage. I’ve now lost my wife, my three kids and am left with no home. My lover doesn’t want to risk being with a single person so I’m practically left alone… not to mention the financial strains from all of this. I wish I could turn back time.”

From Rebecca, 25: “I fell pregnant while having an affair and didn’t know who the father was. With extreme racial differences, I HAD to find out who the father was. My husband left me when he found out the baby may not be his. My lover didn’t want it and it was too late to stop it. I’m now a single mother living with my parents.”

From Tess, 37: “I’ve always found it hard having an affair. I am attached to a married man other than my husband and desperately want to share it with someone but have to keep it to myself. I can’t kiss him in public, can’t talk to him on the weekends on the phone from home nor call to ask if everything’s ok when I haven’t heard from him in over a week. I have to be very careful if I try to email him or talk online to ensure my partner doesn’t find out. Secrecy really eats away sometimes.”

From Martin, 45: “I’ve always been safe when I had sex with other women other than my wife, but I went bareback one night with a girl I thought I could trust and had been with for several months. She gave me an STD. It was next to impossible to make an excuse to my wife on the spot why I didn’t want to have unprotected sex with her. It puts yet another strain on our marriage!”

Every relationship is different and every affair is unique. Everybody has different needs they want fulfilled when it comes to affairs and in the end you need to weigh up the pros and cons of your own situation to decide on whether it’s worth taking the step into having an extramarital relationship. You’re the only person who has the final say on how far the temptations go. Not every person in the same situation will have the same outcome so remember you need to be the one to judge what you want to do.
End quote…

How dumb can someone be!?

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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