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“My Christopher” – the heart of a boy that loves giving

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Today's Blog Post

“My Christopher” – the heart of a boy that loves giving

Christopher isn’t my son – but he is one of “my boys”. His full name is Christopher Murray Rourke. And yes the middle name is given because of me. How could you not love a guy that bears your own name!!?

Christopher is 8 years old now. And at this magical age he has caught the idea of giving. This year he did everything possible to participate in his family’s Christmas celebration. The following is a snap shot of his story. What a delight – a wonderful delight to see him grow!

The setting…
It is Christmas 2009. We have all just completed a troubling year with loses in income and sometimes even loses of jobs – with not income at all. Then add to that the family and kids keep growing – stretching budgets and making the pay checks look rather slim at times.

Christopher is the fourth son of Bill and Anda Rourke. His mom Anda is our daughter. He lives with his family in Whitby. Ontario. His older brothers are Jonathan, Thomas and Michael.

This year as everyone was getting ready for Christmas things have been a little tight. How do I know… well Dads and Grandpas simply know everything.

Yesterday we gathered at the Rourke’s place in Whitby to open the presents together.

I played Santa – passing out the gifts…
As I pulled the gifts from the pile under the little Christmas Tree I came to a long skinny present that was addressed to Jonathan from Christopher. What do you suppose an 8 year old would give his oldest brother – when the 8 year old didn’t have a budget to shop and in fact couldn’t’ and didn’t go shopping?

As Jonathan unwrapped the 8 year olds wrapping job.. he discovered a small baseball bat that was Christopher’s favourite. He gave it to Jonathan.

As the pile of gifts went down Christopher waited so he could make sure that each one had something from him. There at the bottom of the pile of gifts he had placed a special box that he keeps his special things in. It is an old heavy duty shoe box that contains his test papers, drawings from school and all the things that are just too much for the front of the refrigerator.

As I lifted it Christopher came over and fetched the box from me… plopped down on the couch and carefully opened it as we all watched. Then he began to dig for the special gifts he had made and tucked in among his treasured school drawings.

One question for you to consider is… “Do you have any idea how hard it is for an 8 year old to hide his gifts so no one can see them… in a house filled with 3 older brothers… that sometimes tease you… and also in a house that is extremely busy?”

He beamed as he lifted one section of treasures and pulled out a new drawing for his brother Michael. I think it was a drawing of a “Transformer” – a modern day robot that the boys know well. “This one is for you Michael… and this one is for you Thomas… I drew them for you!” he said with a twinkle in his eye and a big grin.

Then he dug a little deeper… looking further below more papers… for one special gift… and there it was… (I gulp a little here because I want to cry… sheesh!)

Then came his card to Dad and Mom…
It reads… with translation…
“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas and I hope we ‘share’(chrie) and make this the best Christmas ever – to Mom and Dad”

The best Christmas ever! You better believe it Christopher…!

He dug deeper and we all waited… then he found what he was after… a beautiful, bright hand drawn picture for mom (- shown above).

The words read with translation…
“My Manchann (Mansion)… "Mom" - "Me” – and in the centre of the drawing is the featured bright red, Mansion that Christopher envisions for his family.

Anda beamed as her son gave her his treasure. “I love you Mom!” was his simple statement.

Then Anda turned over the picture to where Christopher had written these words… and she began to cry… ( I gulp again… sheesh!)

The words read with translation…
“if you whatnt to now why I am droring the piksher is why this is when I whant to move to a difrint Houes. A manchan I now it’s to eckspesev I just thank it will be so fun!”

“If you want to know why I am drawing the picture… because I want to move to a different house… a Mansion… I know it’s too expensive… I just think it will be so much fun!”

Anda tried to read all the words… but couldn’t and held the paper to her face sobbing… her little boy had touched her heart deeply.

The town house Bill and Anda own was once bigger… but with four growing boys… it has shrunk. Add hockey bags and a house full of boys stuff… it has become far too small.

Over this past year a neighbour broke into their home and stole many things from them. He used a key that his wife had been trusted with and entered often.

It was Christopher’s friend’s daddy that did the crime. He broke into at least four other houses on their court.

At times the house feels violated and the boys wonder why.

The daddy from next door had come in and opened Thomas’ special box… opened the second box inside of that one… then a third box that was tucked tightly inside of that one… to steal Thomas’s birthday money.

Christopher has tried to process all this the same as his brothers and… well… they don’t live in a ‘Manchann’ – but will some day… when Christopher gets his wish fulfilled.

His Dad has plans… and if Grandpa wins the lottery… FOR SURE IT WILL HAPPEN!

Christopher loves to give. And this year he wanted it to the best Christmas ever!

We played games together. We laughed long and loud. We had a ball… and Grandpa was in the middle of it all.

Someday in the future these boys will be men… and maybe reading this with their own families. I want them to know how proud this Grandpa was of them. And Christopher… THIS WAS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Sheesh… I have to go blow my nose… and wipe my eyes… oh boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Christmas at Whitby with the Rourkes
Notice first Thomas - the Guy that really cares... he sat with Great Grandma and put his arm around her...

Great Grandma Lincoln with Great Grandsons

now add the Crazy Faces - even Great Grandma did it

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