Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Source of My Power

In one of the games that our grandkids received this Christmastime – they needed the batteries placed in the control units. So in our preparation my wife made sure that we had enough batteries in the house to make it all happen.

At the same time we were preparing for the gift opening, three battery operated things quit in our house. The power was all used up.

People are something like the Clocks or Game Controllers – they run out of power at times and need recharging. So it seems. Groups can be the same way too. Things that were happening can fall apart when the source of power runs out.

I came across a statement made by a man named Roy Lessin. He states in his small book “Just Think”… “In His great generosity, God has given to you freely, bountifully and joyfully. He has given you the finest, the highest, the deepest, and the fullest measure of His Love. All that He has given He will continue to give you all the days of your life.”

Personally – God is my engergizer… my source… my Big Battery for life or the place that I recharge.

We bought a new cell phone recently. One thing that is different about it from the last Cell Phone is the amount of time that can store on the new battery. The old Cell Phone would die before one day was up… the new one seems to go for almost a week without a need to recharge it.

But in the end… even the hardiest new electrical appliance will need to be given a new source of power.

Roy Lessin’s statement caught me as I read it again. God is there for me… when I most need him. I need only to recharge again… and perhaps often – in order to get up and running again.

Groups can be that way too. They need to charge and recharge again. I suspect that Governments are like that too. Every once in a while the leadership will shuffle the crew and new people will be given new tasks. A vote can do that too.

Some are kind of taken back when I mention Government and God in the same breath. Yep it even works for them. It is made up of people that need to be recharged as well and GOD’s Help. The ones that I have met over the years are more than happy to know that God is still there – and that someone prays for them.

My contact with my friends in these last few days has shown me needs that can only be answered by a Great Big God. That is because they have Great Big Problems… that only he can meet or sort out.

It is a simple post today… we each need a source of power. The question is where do we get the help we need? Where can we plug in to be recharged again?

After God – I need friends. They are God’s incarnate in my life. What would I do without them and Him? Wow!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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