Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When the Storm Broke

It was early and the light was just beginning to come up over the east filtering through the trees on the other side of our street. I was watching from our veranda/porch of the house. At first the drops were small and few in number… then it came in full force. Rain, more rain and buckets of rain. Mixed with it were the flashes of lightening and the loud crashes of thunder following. This was a full blown summer storm.

It is still now and the first sound that came after the storm rolled through was that of birds singing. Maybe not singing – but more of chirping sound. Perhaps calling to each other to see if it is okay to come out outside yet.

There high in one of our tree is a very small nest. I don’t even know what kind of bird it might be. A robin couldn’t get comfortable in it for sure. The builder made it to his small family’s size. And the builder made it well. After the violent wind and the heavy rain – it is doing fine.

The visual that came as I read the story was that of a heavy storm passing over the face of a cliff. The torn and scraggly bushes around the top of the cliff were evidence of the constant pounding that this face of rocks has taken over the many years. Sun shines from time to time, but more often storms are the norm as they rush in from the open water.

There tucked into the face of the cliff was a nest and in the nest was a bird sitting through the storm. Her wings we fluffed and slightly out from her body. She was protecting her brood below. The nest was positioned in a place that was just out of the wind’s blast and the worst driving force of rain.

The mental image I have is one of Peace in a Storm. I do not doubt that if the bird is thinking at all… she wonders when it is all going to be over. Whatever is happening in her is being planted in the hearts of the ones below her. From their very beginning the ‘kids’ are getting a good image of what life is all about. Storms and wind and rain and safety – mixed with mom’s feathers above and a cozy nest below.

A long time ago I met with a man that was kind of feeling bad about his life. He had not been able to provide the best for his kids and his wife. Others had more than they did. Bad things had happened and the future was gray. But they had each other. They had weathered storms before and would do it again.

No amount of wishing for a lottery winning, hoping for a windfall, or regretting the past failures or lack of opportunity would change their situation.

Many years later I have watched the children of that man. They are strong and healthy and wise and able and great kids. He is gone now – but what he taught them about being great people through it all is amazing.

When the storm breaks it is okay. In fact it is so good that little birds sing. It is also so good to have a storm… for the quiet afterwards is amazing… and a promise of a beautiful day to come.

A wonderful thought just flooded my being… this is going to be an amazing day. I think I will spend some of it inside the garage with the door open… watching more rain fall… and singing(humming along) to old songs on my 8 track tape player.

Thank you God for it all. Oh.. Oh… Look the sun is shinning through the last of the clouds… WOW!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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