Saturday, July 19, 2008

An old friend is leaving today

An old friend is leaving today. I feel like there could be more time together…but it is over!

We have been through so much together. We have shingled roofs, we have done bathroom renovations, we have completed the renovation of two kitchens, one living room, two bedrooms and numerous other tasks.

We have spent time in the company of others and laughed heartily at other folks, their styles and their ideas, their bragging and their insecurities. We have encouraged and we have struggled together.

At one point a few years ago on top of a house in Regina some sharp nails ripped the skin of my friend – tearing a huge gapping hole in one section if his hide. And after that job together we did many, many more – even though he was not any longer vibrant and youthful as he was at first.

We have grown old together. In fact the 10+ years that we have worked together we have been best friends and partners.

I would like to show you photos of my friend today – but my wife said that certain people may not appreciate the photos. Something about being obscene or whatever… Can’t figure that one out – because my friend and I are still very comfortable together.

Who is my friend? He is a wonderful, saggy, old pair of track pants that have stuck closer than any other friend I have ever had.

Imagine – 10+ years together. How can a guy give up something so special?

Yesterday at a local store my wife found me two new friends. The new track pants were only $5.00 each. They were almost exactly the same as the old ones… but without the holes in the back side.

I guess it is time to let something so close to me go. It will be hard.

I have thought of framing them and mounting the framed track pants in my garage – where we have spent so much time together… but… I guess it is time.

Funny how we(I) hold on so tight to these old things that are apart of us. But holding on is not good.
In reading the story of Moses – I see a whole new side of his journey. He had a great past and upbringing. He was highly trained and was groomed for leadership. Yet at 40 years old he had to give it all up with the murder he committed – then he ran to the other side of the country.

Around 80 years old he was still a shepherd. Then one day he saw a burning bush… something new… something very different… he came close and the rest of the story is one day after another of God leading him lead people.

He continued to work until he was 120. 40 more years after the shepherd days – he has continued to lead people.

Imagine if Moses had said, “I don’t want to give up any of the past. I want to stay with my friends – no changes here… thank you very much!” The story and its out comes might have been very different.

We have to give up the old – before we can ever walk into the new.

So today – my old track pants will not be worn again. They are history – for the wearing part at least. I may hang them up for old times sake… Hmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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