Thursday, July 3, 2008

"There's a sucker born every minute."

The plan was brilliant! You only need to give “the Rich Jerk” $9.95 and he will give you a load of things that will help you well on your way to becoming a Millionaire! No kidding! Just $9.95! How in the dickens does he get the “stuff” to make such a promise? And is it true that he makes a Million each year?

Well when you read RJ’s web site it says in more than one section… with very offensive statements... some outlandish promises. And under threat of a copy write infringement – when you read the bottom of his page – I cannot make a copy paste quote here!

Offensive? I think it is. Yet as his web site states – he has sold his program for $49.95 and at times for$199. Today it is only $9.95 – but that price will be going up shortly.

Who would buy something like that…spending $49.95 or $199 or even $9.95? Probably me…or people like me. You see $9.95 and $49.95 is not a lot of money…about as much as you can spend for lunch some places on Sunday noon. That is a big Swiss Chalet dinner or a one selection bill.

"There's a sucker born every minute." – is a famous quote with its own weird history. (See the link below for an amazing story as well) P.T. Barnum, a man named Hannum and another by the name of George Hull were all involved in this one. Thousands upon thousands of people paid good money to see a Cardiff Giant that had been buried and turned to stone. A very good story to read… and another scam in the late 1860s.

Back to The Rich Jerk. When you view his Web Site there is an offensive video that you can watch. After seeing it you want to tell the guy – you really are a Jerk – Rich I am not sure about – but Jerk I am sure about! Who would give this idiot the money they have.

Well… good people like you and me did. And so far on another web site The Work at Home Watchdog – it states that 811,115 people have voted on his business and the average has given RJ a “C” rating. The Work at Home Watchdog started up in early June 2008 and already has 19,209,844 thousands hits!

The Work at Home Watchdog gets about 20,000 hits per day!

Now back to the RJ. If 811,115 voted on this guy’s business so far – likely all of them have tried his product in order to vote…he made $8,070,594.25 at $9.95 a person! Or if it really was $49.95 (which it could be as other things will be sold after the first package is bought) – it could be RJ made $40,515,194.25 !

RJ is telling the truth! One million a year is nothing! It is likely much more.

Why are people still like they were in 1860s? Gullible and ready to accept anything they are told – would pretty much sum up the total of what they are.

But when you are not making ends meet and the price of gas is rising all the time…plus the cost of most food items… you will do just about anything to make ends meet… including giving a total stranger your $9.95 or $49.95 or even more.

There is an even more startling claim made by a writer of another very old Web Page… his name was Paul. He said
19But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (The KJV Web Site- Philippians 4:19 )
19And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. (The NIV Web Site - Philippians 4:19)

Paul’s Web Pages have been read by more people through out the centuries and I believe hold true. I only need to trust them… and it doesn’t cost anything!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

"There's a sucker born every minute.”
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