Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before Your Crisis Comes

In the small devotional these words popped out at me…

“Knowing what you believe about God--before your crisis comes--is critical. You need to have the truth of who God is settled in your mind, so you know whom you're holding onto when life unravels. Few people show us that like Job does.”

The writer is sharing some of the story of ancient Job that lost everything he had – in the big test of his person.

Some of us will feel right about now that Life is one big test after another. If only we could get to the last chapter of Job’s life where he is blessed more that anyone else. If only.

Most remember Job because of the trials that he went through…not because the final blessings that he had.

On the side… have you noticed that after you move through the trial that you were facing – it is hard to remember what you were facing at that trial time? The old problems seem to fade away when blessings come – or when the answer comes.

The writer of the devotional has hit it on the head however. You and I need to know something of what and who God is before we face any problem up a head – then we can ask Him to intervene or for the great big helping hand that we need.

For me this is kind of like having a “Huge Insurance Policy”, then experiencing a loss or a disaster of some sort. I face the horror of the problems in front of me and it nearly kills me with worry… yet the “Huge Insurance Policy” that I have paid for all along has within in it every provision to take care of any and all disasters that I may experience.

So often we do not know what the “Policy” has written in it. We knew something about the contents when we purchased the package – but perhaps forgot what the fine print said about disasters.

With God there is no fine print. He has placed it in full and regular sized font. He even prints in extra large size at times so we don’t miss it. When I don’t get what he has placed in print… then he chooses some one to shout it out to me.

Yesterday I met with a friend. We sat for a long time sharing where we were in our individual lives over large coffees.

When I shared with him some of my doubts and fears – he challenged me on that fact that I had told him something along time ago that had helped him greatly. I had told him that God would look after the problem. I had told him how God had spoken clearly to me about his willingness to do that for us. He shared that this had helped him at that time to make a huge decision that had changed his life.

Then he asked me, “Do you still believe what you told me about God?”

Ouch. I knew the promises but had forgotten them at that moment. I needed to mope around a little I guess – trying to get my friend to commiserate with me over my problems. It didn’t work. He reminded me of what I already know and should be more positive about. God is in control.

Sometimes God SHOUTS to get my attention.

The months and years of regular prayer, regular times alone with God are paying off. I have moved through some stuff that has been hard to take. And I have been reminded that before the crisis comes it is good to know what God can and will do for you.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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