Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waiting and Growth

Nothing is harder for me than waiting. I hate slow. I want fast and faster. Slow is so… not me. I have six grandkids that love the same. All of them run fast and do sports of all kinds.

But I am learning that in the “slow mode” – stuff happens that would never happen without slow.

I am going to post a series of photos on this Blog Posting that illustrate what I am learning.

In April my wife purchased two plants. One was a bulb and the other a tiny fragile plant in a small container.

After reading the instructions she decided that they both should be in large pots because she read that they may get big. I didn’t really believe the pot she selected would be the right one – they were way too big for the plants she put in them.

The Bulb was large and the info referred to it being like an Elephant’s ear. That was an interesting hint.

It took forever for the soil to warm up. There was no sun for a long time…too much rain and too many cloudy days. Nothing happened. The same was true of the tiny fragile plant… it seemed to be waiting for something.

Then there was a small shoot, then another and another… then came the small first leaf.
As it grew to a certain amount it stopped and we waited.

The unique thing about this Elephant ear plant is the water lays in beads on its surface. Each bead looks like a Jewel of some sort.
Here is a series of photos that tell the story….
In the photo above you can see the small leaf at the bottom and center... this is the original first leaf...
More Jewels after every rain....

As I look at the two of them side by side at first….
And then today – they are growing up… very quickly. Just like my kids and grandkids.
But the secret is in the waiting. Something was happening even though I couldn’t see it. Even though I was hurrying by it every day – it was moving at its own beautiful pace.

I wonder in my days of waiting now for a new job, for more evidence of financing and support – is something happening? The answer is a quiet “Yes!” – in God’s time… in his perfect time.

~ Murray Lincoln

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