Friday, July 25, 2008

The Job vs The Journey - Waiting and Growth 2

For weeks now I have waited for the July 24th and the 2:00 PM appointment. It was set up by an employment counselor to help me look at the next stage of getting back to work.

It is part of what I have to do as we wait for Leading Influence Ministries to grow and pay a salary – which may be a while yet. L.I.M. is my goal in months to come but… I wait and pray for now.

As I peddled my bicycle down to the office that the appointment was to take place at – I was so excited. This was now some direction after one month of waiting.

As I walked into the quiet office there was one lady at the desk. She looked up puzzled and asked, “Can I help you?”

I explained that I was there for the 2:00 PM appointment. She then explained that there was no one in this week and the appointments were last week and that the next one was not until two weeks from now. Everyone was on vacation.

There was a long Pause as I stood there befuddled… NOW What?

I left the office trying to sort out why everyone was on vacation and no one called to tell me. Why didn’t anyone call me? Was my name really one a list like the other counselor had said it was? Would I lose the opportunity that came with this appointment? Too many questions to process… so I Paused… got on my bicycle and rode on…

There are times that I get a lump in my throat… and feel like I would like to cry… but what use is there in letting that lump get so big that I let that happen?

I have sent resumes out… I have contacted people the way that they said to do it… but nothing has happened. I am working with L.I.M. quietly each day hoping for the best and that finances will come… but in reality I am an unemployed Minister at 64 years old with no income – I AM UNEMPLOYED.

This waiting sucks.

As I rode my bicycle away from the “not-to-happen appointment” something came to my mind. It was Moses again. Moses was waiting for 40 years while herding sheep. I thought of his first weeks and months of being a shepherd and what it must have been like… an unemployed Prince… now a murderer… on the run from what ever family he might still have had in Egypt… now sitting with sheep.

I have the distinct advantage in that I have read all of his life story. Moses hadn’t yet read the story – because he simply hadn’t yet lived it out fully.

Day after day Moses looked after smelly sheep. Doing the small things that connected the dots of his life together. It was a boring and routine – but it kept him alive and sane.

As I rode on yesterday I realized that the story of Moses was again mine. God was quietly bringing huge sections to his story alive for me as I rode on. There in front of my mind I was with Moses all the way… daily routine – regular faithfulness is what I am learning – just like he did.

“But why am I doing this at 64 years old Lord?” Then God spoke quietly and reminded me that Moses was 40 as he started the sheep episode of his life… and was doing it when he was 64 as well…right up until he was 80.

I was quiet and rode on. It was a refocusing hour. And I got the picture loud and clear.

It is not about the JOB – it is all about the JOURNEY. That thought was yesterday’s SHOUT in my heart.

So today… more routine… I will be faithful in the Small things… God will be faithful in the Big ones.

That is my final answer!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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