Friday, December 31, 2010

The Pillars of the Earth and Mike Walsh

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Today’s Blog Post

The Pillars of the Earth and Mike Walsh

I don’t think that I have read a book or watched a movie that shows and demonstrates the depravity of man kind better than “The Pillars of the Earth”. The book is written by Ken Follett in 1989 – but he captured the 12th Century so well.

I have read the book three times now and then watched the video once. My reaction has been guttural to say the least. There were moments that I wanted to grab someone and shake some sense into them.

The utter disgust that I have of Church Leaders of their times is profound. I think that would be the same for most people today. Follett has done well showing what he has gleaned from history. Though not a religious man, even though he was brought up in a fairly rigid religious training… he has a way to show that he understands.

For the next 8 weeks The Pillars of the Earth will be aired on CBC in our area – beginning January 4th in the evening.

I couldn’t wait to see the TV broadcast so my wife and I rented the video series. Three disks, and 8 episodes, it is long… but a my wife said… “We need to watch this again to catch it all!” So with our one week rental of the video we may well be plugged into a big comfy chair to watch it again.

My reflection is simple. What people have in God’s name is sickening. What they ask God to do must cause him great revulsion too. No wonder he seems to turn his back on the people that call on him.

There are some powerful things to consider in the book and show. How we live with each other does matter. How we treat each other is important. How we watch out for the folk that are downtrodden by the rotten to the sore people is very important.

In fact when I read over this list and think it through, Follett has come close to capturing much of what the Bible is all about.

Tonight we close off another year. Imagine 2011 already. Too soon – too fast!

The Pillars of the Earth has been a food reflection film for the end of this year… and a jump into next year.

One the side… a kind of real life tragedy…
Last night at 8:30 PM my friend Mike Walsh passed away. His very hard life is over. There are no more struggles.

Mike was placed into the Mount Cashel Orphanage in St. Johns’ Newfoundland. From a very early age he was sexually abused by the Dear Christian Brothers at that orphanage. That lead to Mike’s later life of confusion in just about everything that he did. That confusion involved Crime and eventually a Prison Term in Canada’s Federal Prison System.

In 2007 Mike was experiencing some very serious issues with the cancer that had almost taken his life. He was released in the first part of August. They expected he would be dead by October that year.

He lived long enough to see a small reunion with his kids. He took part in the making of a movie where some of his life story was presented.

Last night he slipped away from one long and miserable life. Slipped away from the Church that was anything but Godly… and horrific Christian Brothers that buggered little boys so they could feed their own depraved desires.

I am sorry if what I write is a little angry… but I am just that.

When Mike came out of prison a local Catholic Priest, Father Paul, who is a powerful example of a Spirit led life… met with Mike. Paul apologized deeply for the past and what these evil people had done to Mike… and started building a relationship with Mike.

As Mike’s life was closing and he knew the end was near… he asked that Father Paul would sing at his funeral. Paul will be there for Mike from what I heard.

Today as I end 2010 and my mind is flooded with so much… I see where God is still God. I see where men are anything like what God’s plan was for them and some of them need a huge transformation before they will get anywhere near God’s Heaven.

Okay.. okay… I know that it was just a movie… but it is so real in comparison to some people that I know…

God help us into 2011 and the days to come.
~ Murray Lincoln ~


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