Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Magic in Victoria Park – Cobourg, Ontario – WOW!

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Today’s Blog Post
Christmas Magic in Victoria Park – Cobourg, Ontario – WOW!
After a few minutes my right thumb went numb and then I could feel nothing at all… then my fingers on my right hand were following the same route. My hand was soooo cold.

The left hand was fine inside of the warm mitten.

I was in Victoria Park in Cobourg taking in the Christmas Magic Show with my friends. The high wind was swinging the decorations and the trees that they were mounted on. And it was about 12 degree F which felt like minus 3 or lower… and I was taking photos and shooting some video of all that I could see.

The Park is huge and is full of Christmas lights on almost every tree and every building! Double WOW!

With my friends, of the “39 The Second Time ” group, we make up a loosely knit group that love getting together each month for fellowship and usually a HOT DRINK – Coffee – Tea – or Hot Chocolate. The Hot drink was needed last night after the hour or so that we spent in the huge park walking around.
In our area the Christmas Lights of Victoria Park is a growing Christmas Tradition. People drive from all around to see the spectacle – which is something wonderful – truly Magic!

You don’t have to walk around through the trees and the lights – you can drive and get fairly close… but there is something about walking close to the trees and even the sound of the wind was magical as well!

Down by Lake Ontario (the Victoria Park is right on the Lake) the sound of the wind and the waves beating on the shore – in the jet blackness of the night was something wild and forlorn to take in. That sound alone made the Hot Chocolate later, seem Magic as well!

With it being so cold our group was the only evidence of life in the park.

In all the night was something special.

Here is a Short Video I prepared - enjoy it in the warmth of your home or office - Brrrr

I need to say a word of Thanks to the Cobourg folk that have worked so hard on this spectacular presentation. This didn’t just happen. I imagine it has take years to get this far to present Christmas Magic.

The 39 The Second Time Group of Peterborough certainly appreciate all the work that you have accomplished in Victoria Park. Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!

If you have seen it yet… or have never gone that far south… you need to. It is worth it all!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Can also be seen on YouTube at

Special NOTE... The last Photo of the Gingerbread house is not in the Victoria Park.. it is between Cobourg and Port Hope on #2 Hwy - beautiful

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