Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Crazy

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Today’s Blog Post
Christmas Crazy

We did it! We are insane! It is officially confirmed – BOTH MY WIFE AND I HAVE MAJOR MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS!

How can that be you ask? How do you know?

Well yesterday we spent part of the day shopping on the Busiest Saturday in our 365 days of 2010. That was yesterday. Christmas shopping was in full swing and there is only 7 days left to buy what needs to be bought.

Now I should describe a scene to help you see what is happening near us.

We live at the base or bottom area of some hills that surround Peterborough on both sides. Most of Peterborough is built down low – near the river. It grew the way it is up and down a river… and now up the hillsides. In fact if you could have been here thousands or years ago, you would have seen our property sitting right on a river bank.

We were coming back into the city at about 6 PM and it was dark. We were travelling east on Lansdowne Street at about the junction of Clonsilla and Lansdowne… and there you could see a majority of Peterborough spread out below.

On the left and right you could see houses and business with their Christmas Lights on… but the most Christmas was on the streets ahead of us. From this vantage point you can see all the way to the Memorial Centre at Lock Street… which may be about 5 Kms from us.

There on the street was Peterborough’s own fancy decorations. On the left was a solid string of cars, two lanes of them coming our way with their headlights on. On the right side of the street were two lanes of taillights for the entire distance… and then all along the way you can see the various traffic lights changing… Green, Yellow and Red.

Spectacular to say the least… until you descend the hill and become a taillights or headlights display… with the crowd that was still buzzing for space at the large Mall – Lansdowne Place… or the crowded new Chinese Restaurant – or the other places that were packed out.

We blended right in. Stopping into Value Village and then Home Outfitters and then … and … and … ! But that was after a full afternoon at the huge Antique Barn that needed checking out just before the end of the year.

Now for my friend Winston that suffers from an inner ear problem… this would be a nightmare… so I write it for him “to see” from a Distance.

My thoughts included questions… “Why do people feel so pressured to buy so much… to spend this time rushing and hurrying… to then fall flat within hours of the wrapping paper flying off? Why do we wrap something that you want to give someone? Who made that rule anyway?

I am dangerously close to uttering “Humbug!” and walking back home to retreat for at least one week until it is over. BLAH – I am completely NUTS!

But then…maybe… just maybe I will get something new too… talk about conflict.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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