Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Friend the Neanderthal

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Today’s Blog Post
My Friend the Neanderthal

This story caught my attention today. And it is not related to Hugh Hefner – from yesterday… really! It reminded me of my Neanderthal Friends over the years.

It seems that an amazing new study has been published confirming that Neanderthals and/or other cave men ate grains and cooked food. They have found evidence of the seeds stuck between teeth of Neanderthals.

The recent publishing of the facts are found in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

But you must understand that the idea that Neanderthals were meat eaters primarily came from another site or more bones that showed that meat was there main diet. From the composition of their bones discovered they could tell the person ate mainly meat.


I suddenly had flash backs to my class rooms in High School. Now that is an old Flash Back for sure – about 50 years old in fact!

As we listened to our teacher explain the wonders of the new discoveries then… and all about Neanderthals and other dudes that they had found… I looked across the aisle in the class and there sat a Cave Man. His name was Tracy F.

Tracy F. had a sloped forehead and wrinkles in his brow. He had lots of hair on his arms and coming from the front of his neck sticking out of his shirt. He was not tall but was known for his amazing strength.

On the football team he played Center. And one special plays was used with Tracy in that position to gain the extra yardage. The Quarter Back received the ball from Tracy when he snapped it… then ran up the back of Tracy being propelled over the heads of all the other opposing players. Tracy became a ramp to run up.

Think about the cleats that the Quarter Back was wearing…

Tracy just grinned when they talked about that special play… and remembered, “We won didn’t we?”

Tracy was a good friend.

Later in life I went to visit another couple that we had met. There he was sitting in his Lazy Boy chair… belly hanging over and sticking out under his T Shirt… and a can of Pop in his left hand… and a Hamburger in his right hand. He grunted when I came through the door. His wife was warm and welcoming… and kind of embarrassed with her man.

Yep – I have met a few Cave Men in my time. Some eat veggies and some don’t.

But it takes a study in a journal somewhere to confirm it.

I wonder what that study cost?

I could have told the scientific community most of that from my own world.

Reading the article today led me back to more of the studies that I had read before. I was in High School all over again this morning. What a rush.

Tracy I think became a Lawyer. His suits were tight fitting.

Hey this is a day off… and these kinds of thoughts just kind of come from no where…. Sorry.

~ Murray Lincoln ~



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