Friday, December 3, 2010

Way to Go Mayor Daryl – you are in charge

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Today’s Blog Post

Way to Go Mayor Daryl – you are in charge

A new mystery surrounds the City Hall in Peterborough, Ontario. The smoke is clearing and the staff that remains is shaking in their boots. Well maybe not… quite shaking… but definitely claming up. Things have change since “Big Daryl” strode into the City Hall on December 1st. The City Staff doesn’t quite know what hit it yet… neither does the City of Peterborough.

Big Daryl is cleaning things up. He is banging heads together and walking tall. He is ‘Da Man in Charge’… after all he is the newly elected Mayor, ooops get that right – HE IS THE MAYOR of Peterborough… and he is now showing these country bumpkins what power and administration is all about!

Now we all know about Politics and the Political Scene. Our Federal Government and Provincial Government both do Political Stuff. I mean if you stick with someone that needs or wants to be elected… you should get a patronage appointment.

Now that is unkind to call it ‘patronage’ in that the person that is in the position during an election has shown ‘great promise’ to be faithful as long as the team should so live… or as long as the Politician should so live. So let’s just call it a position of Great Promise.

Now for readers of this Blog outside our city borders and around the world, they will not know the details of what has happened. Sorry – can’t tell you much yet… we don’t know the details either and we pay taxes to the city hall…lots of them. We live here and we don’t know what goes on.

I can give you a quick overview from what we have witnessed so far.

Daryl Bennett announced that Mr. Goyette is his new executive assistant to the mayor and members of council. Mr. Goyette was not elected he was appointed to be kind of a middle man or the second man in the Mayor’s Office.

When that was first announced I thought something is stirring the pot down at the City Hall. Something bigger is happening here than has happened before.

I wondered what would happen to the staff that was already there. I had met the person serving as secretary in the Mayor’s Office a while back. I couldn’t help think the other day with Mr. Goyette’s entrance, when someone would exit or be exited. Their world has changed big time.

In our local newspaper, The Peterborough Examiner, Brendan Wedley, the City Hall reporter, stated the facts he found out… quote…
“Bennett had the city tell executive assistant Lynn Clark on his first day in office on Wednesday that she was no longer working there, said sources who asked to remain anonymous.

"He decided he couldn't work with her… No chance given," one source said.

Bennett confirmed that Clark was no longer with the mayor's office but he refused to provide any other information.”
End quote

That’s right. Quick. Run and get the newspaper from yesterday out of the Blue Box… and read it again.

I wonder if Lynn Clark is a Peterborough Tax Payer? I know certain people in the City Hall are not tax payers. They live outside the city of Peterborough. If she is, her taxes are going to be paying the salaries of Second Man and the Big Man. That has to gall her big time.

But with the gag that has been placed on her now with some sort of severance package, she could not be reached for comment the paper stated.

Mayor Daryl stated, “"You're touching on a very personal matter here with an individual's life," he said. "She's not with my office… There's no story… It's just a change in the way we're doing business."

Brendan’s story relates that Mayor Daryl stated, “You're touching on a very personal matter here with an individual's life," he said. "She's not with my office… There's no story… It's just a change in the way we're doing business."

No kidding … you fired her… and she is broken woman… and she doesn’t want to speak about it. She will be at the Unemployment Line next week like the rest of the “poor folk” that stand there. I used to be one of those “poor folk” too. She used to take calls from these unemployed people that wanted to tell the Mayor their stories… and he listened. Now she is one of them.

Brendan stated that Mayor Daryl “said if Clark publicly comments on her departure then he would be pleased to respond. Clark couldn't be reached for comment.”

Can you imagine what is going through the minds of the Peterborough people now? Is Lynn Clark a terrible person with some nasty habit? Does she belong to some support group for her nasty habits? I mean the list just goes on and on as Mayor Daryl or someone makes that kind of statement. And.. “if Clark publicly comments on her departure…” infers to me that she will not likely be showing her face around any reporter any too soon because Mayor Daryl will tell more than she would like him to tell.

No? Well then how do you read it? Is the severance package based on keeping her mouth shut?

In Peterborough I have watched that happen already. A Professor at a College in the City was fired one sad day. He had asked way too many questions for the President of that college. And they fired him. His severance package did have heavy ties on it. “If you talk… da da da…yadda yadda yah!”

One thing Mayor Daryl needs to know is… this is Peterborough and Peterborough is small. It is not Toronto. In a heart beat people know what is going on. It may be the Examiner Newspaper and sharp young people like Brendan that tell what happen carefully, knowing that the reporter’s access at City Hall could rapidly change when he writes the wrong stuff. But it will more likely come from every coffee shop where so many discuss this stuff – everyday!

You see Lynn Clark is related to someone(s). And these someones will react. Lynn has friends… and friends will support.

The new gal that has stepped in to fill Lynn’s position is connected to Mayor Daryl as well – mind you it is suggested that this is short term only… quoting the Examiner again…
“Bennett said the position will be filled.

"It's a staff position that will go through the proper process," he said.
It appears that on an interim basis, at least, the mayor has brought another member of his campaign team into the mayor's office.

Heather Watson, who served as a scheduling assistant on Bennett's election campaign, sat in Clark's former seat and answered telephone calls for the mayor's office on Thursday.

Watson was one of the people Bennett specifically mentioned when he thanked his campaign team in his election victory speech.”
End quote

I think that Mayor Daryl has to have people that he can trust. And Lynn Clark is not one to be trusted. Another slam against her – sheesh!

Now the City Hall is not large. There are other staffers that work there. The tension at this minute has to be just about as high as a Tight Fiddle String. Work on it too much and it will snap. PING!

Incidentally when I wrote about the Mayor Daryl before in a light mood, kind of giving him some advice, Mr. David Goyette responded to my posting… here it is… as it was published on my Blog on October 26, 2010

I thought I should clarify for you. Daryl Bennett did indeed take part in the Pride Parade this year ... a problem knee prevents him from walking any great distance ... so he attended at the post Pride party and was proud to do so. The organizers made it plain that they were delighted to see him there. Mr. Ayotte was nowhere in sight.

And yes ... he did read your Royal Gardens blog.

David Goyette
Campaign Manager
Daryl Bennett

You can read these words on this link – and this published message from David Goyette

(Also Reference – ‘Royal Gardens blog’ -  )

I am not fearful of the Second Man or Mayor Daryl. I hate my taxes being so high – but no fear. I will never have to work at the City Hall…might attend some council meetings for pure entertainment – but never work there.

However there is one thing that I have come to know over the years. It is a “Peter Principle”. Are you ready for this deep truth?

“Every man will be promoted to his level of incompetence.”

Today I would love to be able to ask Patti Peters what she is thinking now. She was not re-elected. She did have an opinion that she was quick to tell the world… and the Examiner. I just bet she still has an opinion!

Things are sure changing in Peterborough!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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