Sunday, November 21, 2010

“Why don’t you?” – “Why not try?” – followed by, “I believe in you and your ability!”

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Today’s Blog Post
“Why don’t you?” – “Why not try?” – followed by, “I believe in you and your ability!”

It was about 45 years ago when someone said three magic words to me that changed my life. The person was standing near me. I do not know her name – but I remember the words that she spoke.

They were simple words in the form of a question… “Why don’t you?”

Along with a group of people we had walked into a Craft and Art Show somewhere in Toronto. The products being displayed were amazing and a great variety. I picked up one of the pieces to look closer at the craftsmanship. It was amazing but not impossible to make.

As I handled it I said out loud, “I can do that?” expressing my feelings about the product. To me it seemed easy. I knew I could make one just as good if not better. But I had never tried.

It was at that moment the lady beside me spoke her words, “Why don’t you?” The question stopped me dead at that moment and kind of punched a hole inside of me… or another way to say it… broke a dam of difficulty in my soul.

All of a sudden I wanted to do it too.

I cannot remember the craft or the art work that we were looking at – but I strongly remember that feeling inside of me. Something had been unlocked and set loose.

Within the next three months I would move to Quebec to begin a new career as a Technician working with computers, business machines and people. I had lots of time to think in the new job… and the thought of “Why don’t you?” kept ringing in my ears and soul.

I walked into an art material store in Trois Rivieres, Quebec and the adventure began.

The creativity in me exploded. I loved to draw and paint. I loved to sculpt. I loved to carve. And in the next months and years I tried it all. That has gone on now for 45 years… and not stopped.

It was there that day in 1977 when I walked into my Great Aunt’s room in Des Moins, Iowa and saw her tatting as she sat on her bed. It was there when she laughed at me and told me that she didn’t have enough life left to teach me how to Tat.

I really didn’t need her to teach me, I knew “I could do that”.

When I first saw the Peterborough First Festival of Trees display 12 years ago, and all the beautiful Christmas Trees that had been designed, the thought again leaped to life in me… “I can do that!” and “I would love to do that!” came from my mouth. My wife asked me, “What don’t you?”

It is comical now when it happens over and over again… AND Last night it happened again.

I had stepped out the side door of our house and looked up. There through our large tree I could see the unbelievable moon shinning brightly. Around the moon was a hallo caused by the high, thin clouds and the mist that was hanging in the sky.

I called Alida to tell her what was happening with the moon. She stepped out and looked, exclaiming, “You should take picture of that! Get the camera!”

My doubt that the camera would pick up what our eyes were seeing told me that it would never work. “You need a better camera to capture that scene.” I told me wife.

Her answer was, “Go ahead, Try it!”

I did and what you see is what we witnessed last evening.

This moon shot is representative of that moment 45 years ago when one woman’s words struck home. “Why don’t you?” – “Why not try?” – followed by, “I believe in you and your ability!”

The woman from 45 years ago didn’t say all that… but my wife of 43 years has said them over and over again.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Those are beautiful shots of the moon, Murray. I watched the same moon throught the trees here last night & called Win to have a look.
Simply amazing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts too--much needed right now.