Friday, November 12, 2010

Guys… 42 days left until Christmas are you ready? Gentlemen Start your engines!

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Today’s Blog Post

Guys… 42 days left until Christmas are you ready? Gentlemen Start your engines!

So with 42 days left until Christmas, what have you bought your spouse? It is 43 days until the 25th… sooooo… not a lot of time.

I have a solution if you are a husband. And husbands are the only ones that I think that need a suggestion. Are you ready husbands?

(And as far as you are concerned if you are a wife… you need only to leave this page open on your computer screen when you walk away. The Top Two photos will appear and be leaving a hint. It can infer that Alida Lincoln is getting one of these (or both) and that Murray Lincoln has already made up his mind… so why haven’t you, husband of mine? Ahem…!)

Yep – the easiest way is On-Line Shopping!

I have a company that I bought one thing from a little whole ago… now I get a daily email from them showing what they are now offering. Today I clicked through to take a look-see knowing that 42 days is not long from now…

Yes, that is the product at the top of this Blog(and just below)… rings… beautiful rings. The reference link is at the end of this posting… to help you get going guys. It does take a little time to get one of these beauties.
The only problem I can see is that you need to pick up the mail before your wife gets it…

I was at the mall the other day doing my Tatting and talking with many people again. One young gal that works there told me of her experience of working in the mall and a particular store over Christmas time.

On December 24th she was the only gal in that store. The men came to her for help. Looking closely at her they asked her to stand so they could hold the piece of clothing up to her body. She looked about their wife’s size… would she mind?

She told me she stopped working in that kind of place as the pressure was a little too great, when the wife brought the clothing back after Christmas looking specially for her… and her size!!! They wanted to know what kind of young lady had helped their husband!!! She was cute, smaller and not at all heavy… ahem!

So with these short few weeks left… what will you do?

Suggestion… pick up the phone, get your credit card out and then dial the number on the Web Page!!!! Do it now!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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