Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcoming Sherman Lindsay into my life – Oh Boy!

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Today’s Blog Post
Welcoming Sherman Lindsay into my life – Oh Boy!

I vowed that I would never let this happen again! It just hurt too much to let it happen again. I remember distinctly saying that out loud to myself as the shovel entered the cold ground. I had just burned some wood on the ground to melt the snow and the frozen ground. It was January in cold Peterborough.

After 16 years of a small fir covered dog living in our home, she had died. Her poor little body was no longer able to bounce around, chase the ball or even cuddle up without great pain. Even picking her up was very painful her. When your hands slipped around her chest she moaned and stiffened. The pain was simply too great for her.

That was the day that “Sparkle” died. She was actually “Baxter Artic Princess” – a pure bred Bichon Frise that had been with us almost every minute of a 24 hour day for 16 years. She had moved 6 times across Canada and traveled on all our holidays for 16 years plus thousands of car trips wherever we went.

Never again was my personal promise.

On Saturday night I was carrying Sherman Lindsay inside my jacket with his small head sticking out my jacket. He was about to meet his Whitby cousins, the Rourke Boys. His tiny body was shivering from the unknown, the way all little dogs do.
Sherman Lindsay is an 8 week old Jack Russell Terrier with a small amount of Beagle in his blood stream. He is the youngest of the family with Clifford and Emma being his siblings. And with me… as his Grandpa Lincoln. But he also has a Grandpa Lindsay too… and a whole slew of relatives from all over.

Earlier, just after Sherman arrived, we went to see the tiny, wiggling puppies. They offered me the opportunity to hold one. I refused. I knew my resistance was low to the idea of getting a pup. I cannot go through that again.

Now the problem is that Sherman came into my life now. Yikes. The way that he comes up and sits down in front of me, looking for a petting… it is hard to resist.

When he snuggled into my jacket and then shivered up against me…. Well it was hard to not say… sheesh!

So I welcome one little puppy into our life and home – so does the rest of the family.

Oh boy… am I ever glad all his brothers and sisters are gone!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sherman -laying with his Rourke cousins... he loves looking for ears and noses... they taste good!

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