Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our 39 The Second Time Group – St. Lawrence Market and Pacific shopping Center Outing

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Today’s Blog Post

Our 39 The Second Time Group – St. Lawrence Market and Pacific shopping Center Outing

A picture is a worth a thousand words… so here goes today… my life is filled with visuals. Words first and then some great shots!

Yesterday our “39 The Second Time Group” headed to Toronto for a day away from life in Peterborough. It is always a great day of fellowship and fun when we get together. The target destination of the day was St. Lawrence Market which dates back to the earliest days of Toronto – serving the community as the City Hall to the Farmer’s Market; and concert hall to a public meeting place.

It now has a collection of hundreds of vendors from almost every country in the world offering unusual and unique things that people in Toronto may need.

It is somewhat different from the days of yore… now offering everything from Camel Roasts or Kangaroo Steaks to Knishes and Bagels that are simply to die for! There is every kind of olive that one can possibly imagine and peppers from every place on earth – beside fish and sea food of all kinds.

It is a total life experience and perhaps should be the number one tourist spot in Toronto. But this is really just ordinary stuff for ordinary people in Toronto that come by the thousands to buy the best stuff imaginable!

My mouth is watering now… and we did sample a huge amount all before we ate at a Malaysian Restaurant with our friend Michelle Yee…

Taking this day away was planned in advance of a potential conflict for our family. Our Granddaughter Emma Grace Lindsay was playing in her Football Team’s last game. They were so good that they were to play the best team of the league… and it happened YESTERDAY – while we traveled to Toronto! Sheesh!

What a problem! We were having so much fun with our friends… yet missing the fun of home watching football.

Through the magic of a Cell Phone Grandma Alida Lincoln called every 15 minutes for a score update.

And GUESS WHAT???? Emma’s team the Senior Steelers – won the Kinsmen Minor Football League’s Trophy. THEY WON 8 to 0 !!!!!!!!

This photo tells you the whole story! Way to go Emma!
BUT - There is something about fellowship… about adults getting together to share their life experience and to laugh long, live well and love life together! And when it happens you just can’t miss it!

That is what happens with our 39 The Second Time Group – EVERYTIME WE MEET… which is roughly each month.

In church we see the back of each other’s heads. We might shake hands once in a morning. But for the most part church is like the rest of our lives – busy and no time to talk of interact. And in the rest of our lives we are caught between looking after our Parents or our Grand Kids… oh boy the “Sandwich Generation”. There is not a lot of time to have fun.

And if you haven’t guessed it yet… church is not a place to have too much fun. You are not really allowed to bust out laughing from your basic belly… when your friend tells you what their grand kids said last week… because it just wouldn’t be proper.

39 The Second Time is a group of adults that need fellowship above and beyond the norm. It is “shore leave” for weary sailors on a family’s life of sea battles. It is R&R for weary workers that have found life heavy this past month.

Who are the 39 The Second Time folk? They are teenagers that have bodies that ranger some where around the age that most Grandparents are for the most part… but yet there are also younger folk in this group as well… that love being with these happy, early senior folk.

39 The Second Time folk don’t fit to well in slower moving older folk that can’t try something new… won’t eat Camel Meat or Kangaroo Steaks… Malaysian Food… or Chinese deep fried Octopus.

The 39 The Second Time group enjoy their friendships with old friends but will welcome new friends in a heart beat. New friends are their joy!

Sorry… I get excited about these friends of mine that we spend time with once a month. It is just too much fun… and such a blessing!

Enough words… here are some Pics for you. I offer them so that maybe next time you might consider coming along too. If the words above pricked an interest in you somewhere… we would love to have you come along too! Email me… we will make sure that you can come along!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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