Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Potash and Suspicion and a Lack of Trust

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Potash and Suspicion and a Lack of Trust

“So what’s the deal with the Potash?” my wife asked as we listened to the report on the TV again. Yes it is getting play time here in Ontario as well as Saskatchewan! We are hearing about it a lot.

From what I can determine in far away Ontario, there is a bid by an Australian Company to take control over of the Potash resources “down under” Saskatchewan. This proposal by the BHP Billiton to buy the Potash Corp in Saskatchewan is not well received by the folk in Saskatchewan. It is deemed that the Government is throwing away a precious resource that makes tons of money for the province and provides labour opportunities for many people. Sell it and you lose control… keep it and you can at least know what will happen next.

In Ontario it is doubtful that many people care. They hardly know anything about Potash. Many think they are making fires to get ash – or something stupid like that! Why should we be involved in this decision at all?

I can say I do not know all about the issues that the Saskatchewan Government is facing – or that the Conservative Government of Canada is stepping into… BUT I do know when you screw someone from Saskatchewan once – you will not do it again. The Liberal Governments of the past found that out a long time ago… and specially this last time when many of the elected positions went to the Conservatives.

What is the problem?

Well the Canadian Government in Ottawa is about to make a decision that will affect the entire Province of Saskatchewan… and it feels that nothing can be done if the Government of Canada lets the Aussies take the deal.

Try this… wow about letting the Offshore Trawlers on the east coast of Canada take over the fishing rights and control all the fish that are caught in the Maritime Provinces?

How about letting a German Company come in and take over all the forestry and the right to cut any tree in Ontario?

Or maybe the Saudi Government coming to take complete control of all the oil in Alberta – or all the Minerals in B.C.?

For Saskatchewan folk it kind of has that complete lack of rights and control for what they are proud of and consider their own.

Who cares about pinkish, salty stuff that comes from deep below the surface in that province anyway?

I do.

In Ontario we are more suspicious than the cousins of ours in Saskatchewan. We have watched overseas companies come in and buy out a Corporation here. They send in their phoney management teams to take control. Then they siphon off the rich pension plan, close the plants and run with the money. The employees get nothing after the dudes are gone.

I talked to a young man a few months ago that lost everything to that kind of thing happening here! The company and plant is gone – so is the money.

The company was looking for more than “potash”. They are mining cash and lots of it. With a tight economy around the world everyone is affected.

Nope I don’t understand the actual detail of what is being proposed… but I understand suspicion… and doubt… and confidence… and when the next election comes along – so will the politicians.

Please read the link below… from the Calgary Herald.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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