Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is it ROTFL or ROFL or SAGL or TII or SHUT UP!

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Today’s Blog Post

Is it ROTFL or ROFL or SAGL or TII or SHUT UP!

What has this world come to!? I can’t believe these Younger People! They don’t write full sentences and they can’t spell! How will they ever graduate from School?!!!

My Facebook message said in response to a posting I made, “ROFL”.

ROFL???? What the heck is ROFL?

It stands alone. No other words are near it – just ROFL.

Now I am as up-to-date as anyone… and way past most of my peers. My age group has no clue what Facebook is unless their kids have prompted them to ‘get with it Dad or Mom’. “If you want to see your grandkids grow up – you have to get with it. Their photos are on my Facebook Albums.”

A number of these aging cohorts of mine have tentatively clicked through with great interpretation and entered the weird world of Facebook. After all Facebook only came into being Oct 28, 2003 – that is only 7 years ago – who could trust something that new or young?

Now that they are on to it… they are being sideswiped with new terms they have never heard before.

ROFL is not new. It has come out of a language form before Facebook was launched. It predates Twitter and other forms of new communication.

So what is ROFL?

1. (Internet slang) Rolling On the Floor, Laughing; used to indicate great amusement at something in a discussion group, etc.
2. (rare, dated) ran out for lunch

It is part of something entitled Initialism —

Initialism is “an abbreviation that is formed from the initial letters of a sequence of words. Initialisms that are pronounced as words, such as UNICEF, are usually called acronyms, so the term initialism is generally only used for those that are pronounced letter by letter, such as USA.”

And you thought that it was new! Imagine USA and USSR and CDN! We have used these for years.

See also
ROFLOL - (Internet slang) Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
ROTFL – Same as above
ROTFLOL – Same as above
ROTFLMAO - (Internet, abbreviation) Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.
ROFLMAO – Same as above
LOL – Laugh out Loud – or Lord Oh Lord
LMAO - used to indicate great amusement – Laughing My Ass Off
(How anyone can laugh their ass off is beside me! But the younger generation borrowed that one from us oldies)

PMSL - (British, Internet slang) Pissing myself laughing; used to indicate great amusement or often used to show humour at something in a chat room, etc.

Most Canadians only say PMP – Peed My Pants laughing – which could be PMPL.

This is getting way too unholy/crude for the Holy Folks that read this Blog. They say it but never write it.

How does an old person cope with so many new things?

At one point my grandpa took me to a farm implement show as a boy. It was held at the annual Saskatchewan Exhibition in Regina at the Fare Grounds. Every year when the Exhibition was open Grandpa would come at least once to see all the new machinery.

I remember the look on his face as he walked around one Tractor. It was bright red and shiny, smelled like new rubber and warm paint. The sales person standing near by was telling some other farmers the wonders of this new machine and what it could do.

Grandpa didn’t say much or ask many questions. As we walked away from the machinery area he shook his head. I think the words he said was something like “Jimminy… Crackers” or something like that. It sounded weird to me… because he never said a whole lot. He was bowled over by the new stuff in front of him.

My Grandpa Kirk came as a young man from Iowa to Southern Saskatchewan around 1900. His dad brought the first steam tractor and thrashing machine to that area. In his day that was so far in advance from the horses and ploughs that they once used – one can only imagine.

His first new gasoline McCormick Tractor that he had bought in Regina as a young farmer had steel wheels with big lugs on them. Grandpa had taken the lugs off to drive it home 60 miles… which took the better part of the day.

I feel a little like my Grandpa felt the day that he listened to the amazing info about the new Massey Tractor.

“Will I ever catch up?” – used to be my question. Now it has changed to “Will I ever keep up?”

I am ROTFL when I look at my self today. Oh Boy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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