Monday, September 28, 2009

“Daddy can I have an election now…? Daddy can I have an election NOW…? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

6 AM – Peterborough…
The Winnipeg SUN Newspaper was updated at - 28th September 2009, 2:22am and the Ottawa SUN reported the same story…

The article by PETER ZIMONJIC stated… quote…
OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has so far failed to convince Canadians he's ready to lead the country, and if an election was held today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper would likely lead the Tories to another minority government.

An exclusive Leger Marketing poll for Sun Media reveals 36% of Canadians would vote for the Conservatives, down almost two percentage points from the last election. Only 30% would vote for the Liberals, but that represents a gain of 4% since the Liberals won 26% of the popular vote in the last election. The NDP is at 17% support, down 1%

"The most likely scenario would be another Conservative minority," said pollster Christian Bourque, vice-president of Leger Marketing.

"The Conservative numbers are not in the 40s, which would be majority territory, so a lot would come down to the campaign."

When asked which leader would make the best prime minister, 32% said Harper, 21% said Ignatieff and 18% said the NDP's Jack Layton.”
End quote…

The Toronto Star (Susan Delacourt) reported today…at their posting on Sep 28, 2009 04:30 AM that the…quote…
Liberals are decided: Stephen Harper gets a 'fail'… quote…
OTTAWA–It's report-card day for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and though Liberals will issue him a "fail" by the end of this week, his government will almost certainly pass that survival test with help from the New Democrats.

Further…quoting Ms Delacourt…
“A confidence vote, also spelled out in the June agreement, will be launched by the Liberals on Thursday, Jill Fairbrother, a spokeswoman for Ignatieff, confirmed yesterday. Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale said the precise wording of the Liberal-led vote hadn't been worked out by the end of last week, but he promised it will be a "very clear" expression of the Liberals' desire to see Harper's government collapse as soon as possible.

"It will not be obscure or convoluted," Goodale said.

Even without seeing today's update, Goodale said, Liberals have already decided that the government deserves defeat, simply on the basis of the escalating, $55 million deficit announced earlier this month by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and the absence of any strategy to get Canada out of the red.”
End quote…

Good Lord NO! What a way to wake up on Monday Morning! Another week of political antics! Hokey Mokey! Are you ready for this Canada?

Sorry Mr. Ralph Goodale… you statement takes the Cake…. And as of this “Early Morning Moment’ – you can have YOUR CAKE! Go on eat it!

Quoting you Ralph… “It will not be obscure or convoluted.” Ralphy… Ralphy… I come from Saskatchewan too… (though I do live in Ontario now…) and EVERYTHING ABOUT POLITICS IS OBSCURE AND CONVOLUTED! Sorry Ralph… everything you politicians do is Obscure… and to add the word Convoluted to that statement is nothing short of funny! No not FUNNY – it is Hilarious!!!!

And Susan Delacourt you could not have caught it better… A Failing Mark given before the Exam is passed out!

Can you imagine… our old Prof in College or University standing up and telling you that it has been decided that you will fail before you wrote the Test? What a statement! What an action! Word will get around the Campus pretty quickly that our Prof doesn’t listen… and is in this for himself.

Now if I have this in a correct order… Mr. Harper has decided to go to the Maritime to make the great announcement today that we are still in a recession and we need to be careful. So what’s NEW?

The Maritime Provinces are split down the middle according to the one pole taken – 46% say they are happy that the Government is run properly… and 46% say it isn’t… and the rest of the country except Quebec says it is OK…! Right?

The Liberals and the Media are not pleased – they can’t Hammer Harper in Ottawa – they have to get off their DUFF and go to the Maritimes to hear what happens or is said.

I pity the Maritimers that drink Coffee today… the ‘Hammer Harper’ will take place in one of your Coffee Shops… with Mr. Harper standing in front of the Chocolate Donuts and the Blue Berry Fritters.

I also pity the people in a Park somewhere that were pushed out of the way so Mr. Ignatieff will be able to talk to us from a Green Tree back drop… And if the Liberals are listening – the Trees are turning colors and it will soon snow. That $2 Million dollar TV ad will be and in fact is OUT OF DATE now! It is Fall in Canada… you need a Halloween Pumpkin or two behind the dude! Oh sorry – you mean he is the pumpkin… too funny!

Sorry to have to dump this on to your breakfast table this AM… but it is just to silly for words. But if you are reading it in the afternoon the Government may have falling by then… so what does it matter anyway?

You know as an average Canadian citizen you could easily get discouraged with this. I personally paid more tax last week… and have paid it out for almost 45 years of working. Now the Characters acting out this great drama called Government – are going to do it again.

READ MY LIPS and READ THE TYPE – We D-O N-O-T want an election – and that goes for Liberals… NDP…. Green whatever…. BLOQ…. Or Conservatives… Please stop bugging us! P-L-E-A-S-E S-T-O-P!

Good gracious I feel like a harangued parent in a Super Market… “Daddy can I have an election now…? Daddy can I have an election NOW…? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

P-L-E-A-S-E S-T-O-P!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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