Saturday, November 1, 2008

You need it – I need it

Can you believe it?! Only 55 days until Christmas! Are you ready? I am not! The panic mode is about to happen.

Yesterday it was Halloween celebration in Canada. We were in one store and all the Christmas stuff is now in place. One day it was Black and Orange – the next it is Red, White and Green! Over night the shelves were changed. Talk about a smooth and lightening speed transition. WOW!

Just yesterday the Nintendo Company released the newest game – the “DSi” with a built in camera and enhanced sound. Over 300 people lined up in Tokyo to purchase the first ones as they rolled out.

We were in a Big Box store locally and a flat full of the popular game “Wii” was gone in one day. It was less than half the regular price and Christmas is only 55 days away. The man in charge told us that it was gone by 12 PM the day before. Yep – a family member got one for someone(s) special that doesn’t read this Blog.

The story of the Electronic Rage of gaming and computers and all things from the e-World happened at a point of disgrace and near tragedy. The Nintendo Company was going down hill very fast.

Nintendo was a Japanese family that owned a company that had made playing cards for well over 100 hundred years. The cards were originally made of very thin sheets of clay… then later covered with sheets of paper… then later as paper became better and cheaper they made them completely of paper… using a plastic laminate to make the cards last longer.

One of the sons caught wind of the newest idea of a computer. The leap into this world didn’t happen over night by a long shot. The elder Japanese family members had a deep tradition in the honour of making the very best clay playing cards. It was almost spiritual as a commitment to this tradition.

Yesterday Nintendo's net profit was reported with a rise of 9.4 per cent to 144.8 billion yen in the six months to Sept. Operating profit jumped 34 per cent to 252.2 billion yen as revenue increased by 20 percent to 836.9 billion yen.

Now if you stop a moment and think that you likely contributed something to this huge pile of Yen along the way… Mr. Nintendo says thank you very, very much!
The strangest thing is happening now. The need and greed is settling in. My blood pressure rises ever so little at the thought then subsides until I think again – 54 days left…. 53 days left.

The need to buy something for someone is building. In our case over the last 13 years we added six new someones to our list – six grandkids. 15 years ago we added two new someones – two son-in-laws. It was so long ago that we bought just the special gifts for two little girls… oh boy!

Now fast forward this whole idea to about six years from now – at least half the grandkids will have a special friend that will have to be bought for.

Originally I began to make each grandkid a Christmas present. It was likely the start of a more serious thought about actually making wooden things full time for a business. There were other people our age that couldn’t find something for their grandkids and if someone would make a special something – they would pay.

Now there is only 55 days left – actually 54 days and 16 and ½ hours from now. No panic here… just a little guilt that I can get rid of because I was there when the Wii was purchased. I actually found it on the cart and dragged the purchaser over saying. “Come on – there are only a few left!”

I guess the best question to ask is… “Do I really need another “****” or is the old “***” okay? The extra “*” will cost another gazillion dollars and make Mr. Nintendo and Mr. Microsoft smile from ear to ear….but then the FUNK will set in around about January 2 when I realize that I didn’t really need “****” and by that time “*****.45” will be released and “****” will be old.

But I need one. I don’t know why… I just do.

A few years ago I traveled into China a week before Christmas. There was no evidence of stores full of Christmas stuff. The only Christmas things that we saw was a Giant Santa Claus erected high above the factory that was entitled “The Ho Ho Company”. Santa was smiling and waving to everyone. They make Christmas ornaments and decorations for people like us – but never use them personally.

I have to run now… gotta get a head start on the gifts that I am making.
It is a great time to start a new Wood Carving Business. If you haven’t heard – “Misty Hollow Carving” was launched this past week with a BANG! Actually is was a quiet puff as the machine issued me my Business License and took my cash to give to the Government.

“Now have I got a deal for you… I carve everything and anything… and for you the price is the best that I can possibly give… no one will have one of these… and if you buy two… or more I will give you a real good deal.”

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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