Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three Things To Learn Today

This is hard I know… but try… three new things for today…
  • Albert Einstein lost most of his Nobel Prize money in bad bond investments on Wall Street.
  • Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling made $10.28 per second last year.
  • King Henry VIII went from a 32 inch waist early in his rule to a 54 inch waist near the end. At his death, he weighed just under 420 pounds.
Now there is a stretch for you! Now you should verify that and prove it. Great information – but so what.

Sheesh that feels like school. Yep! That is what I do for fun these days. Prove it – whatever someone might tell me. Well not in everything – but in the important things like who might be my customer as my business begins. And it has been a powerful example of what can happen when we dig.

Now as a small test for you…where did I get these facts above? Want to try?

Our world is complicated to say the least! Assuming something about it is silly…knowing something about it is vital.

I heard a person tell me the other day that they haven’t read a book or newspaper in so long they couldn’t remember when the last time they had even picked one up. I was shocked and couldn’t respond. Where does the inflow from your world come? – I asked myself. They were earnest – but so remote from the real world.

I also met someone that couldn’t read as well. But what is the difference if you can and don’t – from you can’t and won’t?

Ooops – just looked at the clock… gotta pack my bag and get rolling.

I look forward to your homework assignments being in my email box by tomorrow and then please read at least two chapters before tomorrow.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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