Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "305" Moments

The knock on our door began the new leg in our journey. When I opened the door I was greeted by big smiles and robust greetings. Amazing! Five of them are people that we had just met less than 12 hours before – yet it felt that we had known them for years.

These folks have traveled all the way from Victoria, British Columbia just to knock on our door. Amazing!

In the group there is Tim, Paul, Donna, Will, Susan, and Rina. They are our new partners in the Leading Influence Ministries. The love that they offered and have given is way past the normal hand shakes and words of comfort. Amazing!
As we begin this new leg of our journey and ministry – they have come to offer huge support. Amazing – again!

This is special weekend for Alida and me. It is almost like getting married. We are surrounded by people that love us and are here to support us. These are just a few of the hundreds that have sent their greetings and best wishes. Amazing!

Now the background…
More than a year and half ago Tim began his journey as the Chaplain in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly. Since that time he has attended day after day of parliamentary procedures – listening to hours upon hours of debate and discussion – then praying and preparing himself for the opportunities to encourage the Members of Provincial Parliament.

Tim had met with Susan, Donna and Rina a few years before this time from what I can gather. These three ladies were a Prayer Team within their church. When Tim made contact with them explaining his new ministry – they had already been instructed by God, their Boss, to take new steps to pray for the Government. It is complicated to explain – but a new partnership began to develop. Each Tuesday on a regular basis these Ladies have joined in prayer support for Leading Influence Ministries. Can you imagine a group that is dedicated to the success and support of a Ministry – simply praying. Amazing!

In July when the Prayer Team heard that there was a possibility that the Lincolns were joining the Leading Influence Ministries Team as the beginning steps of Provincial Chaplains in Ontario – they began to pray for us – not just Tuesdays – but everyday.

This special week was set aside to dedicate the Leading Influence Ministries in Ontario and in particular our Ministries. They had traveled all the way from their homes on the other side of Canada just to be with us. AMAZING!

The “305” Moments…
As they walked into out Hotel Room, #305, they were on a mission. The moment was sober and yet filled with joy. It is very hard to find the right words to describe at this point. Donna, Susan and Rina had been well prepared for what they wanted to do. They definitely were the driving force behind what was unfolding before us.

Paul is part of the prayer team and was there to support. Paul is a former Baptist Minister that is now serving as a Life Coach. He left his wife and two year old daughter at home to come here. He is friendly, warm and deeply committed to what he does. He is my new friend.

Will is Donna’s husband. He came home from his job for his month away from work – to be with Donna and also to come on this trip East to meet the Lincolns. He gave up a valuable weekend. Soon he will return to the South China Sea where he is building Oil Well Drilling Platforms for his company. Will has been to almost every country in the world… yet he came to support us. AMAZING!

As I write this I am deeply humbled to have been in the presence of these people.

As we gathered around in a circle the love started to pour out. This has never happened to us before. Alida and I have always given. Beginning with a knock on the door of room #305 the love began to flow.
Rina had prepared a Scrap Book filled with Love. It was not just unwrapped and then set aside. She carefully turned each page and described everything that appeared. There are hundreds of promises and scriptures placed on page after page of love pouring out of the book. Amazing!

There in the book were the Bible Verses that had been used by God over and over again to direct my life at crucial moments over our 34 years of ministry. At super important moments when we were jubilant, or confused, or happy, or fearful – God had placed these scripture milestones/signposts in our life to keep us going. NOW in front of us was the entire story placed in a book that prepared and given by Rina and her partners to encourage us…. to go on.

They didn’t even know us! They could never have known about the Bible verses or the words that were spoken so many years ago… so many times… YET THEY DID!

The “305” Moment lasted over two hours – bathed with God’s love and care for two people that desperately needed it. Amazing!

Moses had a burning bush moment… Alida and Murray have had a “305 Moment”.

I can’t wait to show you our new Book of Promises.

I need to sort through what has happened. Thank you to all of the readers of this Blog – you are amazing! You have kept me going as you read. Your love and care over these months have been added to make the “305 Moment” possible…

God bless you today!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
PS - Thank you Tim, Paul, Donna, Will, Susan, and Rina! Amazing!!!! Simply Amazing!

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Tim Schindel said...

Murray - the entire weekend was great! Thanks for these thoughts and your kind words. We enjoyed room 305 too. What an amazing time to be together with you and Alida. We'll plan for a retreat in the spring somewhere here on the island, in the spring when the weather is warm and the flowers are in bloom.