Friday, October 3, 2008

Lynne Reid - Process and Results – PART TWO

At the end of meeting a gracious older lady sat on her walker waiting to talk to us. She was dressed in a red sweater and her hair gleamed white. She smiled and laughed with the people she sat with…making small quips in response to what they were saying. “This woman is young at heart.”, was my first thought.

This is Lynne Reid. She came down from her room in the senior’s complex that she lives in with the help of her friend. He is himself a senior but very active. The two of us have known each other for at least 30 years. He, an ordained minister, was a District Superintendent for the church that we both worked with.

Seeing this former minister of great importance working as a volunteer and aide to this senior lady was another perspective altogether. But this is what Shepherd Village is all about. The Senior’s complex is established in Toronto near Sheppard Ave. and Kennedy Road and serves people with love and tenderness.

We had taken part in a special service that involved these great seniors on a Wednesday evening. They had gathered to listen to Tim Schindel described what is happening in his unique ministry in British Columbia and Leading Influence Ministry. As I also am joining in this ministry as the Ontario based support – they wanted to hear from me. In all it was a dynamic night filled with expression and blessing.

There were about 90 people in the room from my rough guesstimate. The people that made up the audience were retired ministers and their spouses. Others were widows and widowers that had been involved with their own spouse as Missionaries, Ministers, or Minister’s wife. I knew most of them from former years of ministry – many I had worked along side or worked for over the years. It was like a re-union!

If each person in the room had at least 50 years of serving as a Christian Leader – or in many cases over 70 years experience – there was on average between 3750 and 5250 years of experience sitting in front of us.

Tim Schindel leaned over to me and said, “I feel so young here.” I responded “There is such a wealth of leadership and experience in this room!”

When the meeting ended, our friend Harold House had a special treat for us. He introduced us to Lynne. Tim Schindel struck up a conversation with her as she described her ministry of playing the piano in church for many years. She was not only a gifted pianist for many years but she had also conducted her own “Berachah Academy” enabling thousands of students to realize their talent.

It was then that they told us the story of her most recent ministry. Lynne is now 92 years old. Last year she produced a CD of her piano playing. Did you get that? She made a CD – the thing that most younger Musicians only dream of doing – which requires a huge amount of discipline and commitment.

As a result of this CD and the sale of it, a Piano was purchased and placed in the Terrace of Shepherd Village – where Lynne now plays two concerts a day for the residents and visitors. Yes you read that correctly – TWO CONCERTS a DAY!

Celine Dion has nothing on this 92 year old!

My friend Harold House describes the full story…
“There is much more to the piano story.

Her great nephew, by marriage, Dr. Gladston (Son of the well known Baptist minister from Yorkminster Church in Toronto,) invited her to his house. He has a Steinway Grand Piano and they recorded the CD in his house. Dr. Gladston donated 1,000 copies for a Piano fund. That ended up with a grand Piano, and 5 electric pianos for the different floors of the Lodge. Lynne plays most days after the noon and evening meals in the Terrace.”

Some one asked if Lynne would play for us. The response was immediate. She looked at her helper pushing her walker and said, “Let’s go..” – nodding toward the piano in the chapel.

For the next few minutes we were treated to a private concert that was hard to imagine. I pulled my video camera out and produced two videos that that are now on YouTube. The links are below…

I was humbled by what I witnessed. The expression flowing from her hands, the humor shared from this dear lady was simply amazing. She really doesn’t seem to be 92. What a contrast to some that I have met over the years!

I made a commitment the other night. I WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN TO BE AND STAY YOUNG AT HEART – with God’s help I will be the “Male Version” of Lynne Reid. What a challenge that is going to be!!!!

Please view and listen to the videos… they are priceless… truly priceless.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
Information as to how you can purchase a copy of her CD is on the YouTube video.

Lynne Reid playing the Piano - #1
Lynne Reid playing the Piano - #2

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