Saturday, October 4, 2008

Attacking Politicians for Fun

Last evening I watched the “post Palin/Biden debate” period – where David Letterman does his stuff about what he hates or likes about the latest things on the face of the earth. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are the running mates for the guys that are running for the President’s Office of the USA.

Most that read this Blog are not the types that sit up to watch Mr. Letterman do his stuff. The network that carries this weird fellow happily puts him on late at night. They mercifully keep him hidden to the restless that need something really dumb to put them to sleep.

Last evening Mr. D.L. was cruel and stupid – really stupid! Wise instruction from the Bible tells me to call no man a fool… but Mr. D.L. comes very close to pushing my buttons on this one. I will however settle for cruel and stupid – leave off the fool… that perhaps is left for someone like me that sits and watches guys like this.

Granted… most of the stuff that he says or does is written by a staff of writers that care less for anything but the next laugh. Last night however he was spewing at length on his endless attacks on Sarah Palin. Added to his barrage of verbose attacks – was the edited video of Sarah saying things that she said but never said – faked strings of word that are edited together.

The interesting thing was that the audience was not laughing or responding like they usually do. Even they thought that he was an ass! Sorry David you lost it.

When cruelty takes over the humour it is time to turn him off. That is what I did. One click and he was history – vanishing into the airwaves of nothingness.

I feel really sorry for David. I should pray for him – and maybe will – as God nudges me to do so.

I pray for Sarah and her family. They all are the brunt of this guy’s jokes. Where will they be normal – after their mother is the brunt to really stupid jokes for weak laughs? Joe Biden needs prayer as well – then there are their two running mates.

Back in Canada the cruelty is not much different as the lovely media hounds feed their readers and viewers with the baloney that we get. Where did intelligence go and good ideas evaporate? Where is the guard against the evil and the caution of the heart? Why is it when an election is on people let themselves fall into the cruel and stupid mode?

My appeal today is that some of us that still can think for our self will do so. Could it be that we would stop and consider that rolling our eyes and grunting with contempt when we hear a politician’s name is just plain wrong. Perhaps we could consider what it would be like to stand in front of the person that we are about to show our contempt for … then picture their children standing beside them… then look at how really stupid we look when we do the popular thing to rip these Politicians pieces?

I can guarantee that if we prayed for our leaders truly and deeply – individually – we could not and would say and do the things that we have done.

God forgive us for really stupid and cruel actions on our own part. Forgive me above all – God… please. God help me to treat people the way that I would like to be treated. God I know that is a really old fashioned way to think – but I need you to do something special today… help me… and my friends!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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