Monday, October 13, 2008

Eating Cold Meat

The headline leaps from the Monitor Screen… 'I'd never seen anything like this,' expert says of listeria test results”

For those not living in Canada, “listeria” is a nasty sickness that comes from “tainted meat”. People that eat it become very sick.

The nasty part is also that the blame is constantly being laid on politicians…as if they walked into a production plant somewhere and purposely put a bacteria in the meat…. It is our Prime Minister’s fault that the bacteria got into the meat and then was packaged and sold to Senior’s homes and hospitals. It is Harper’s fault – all his fault!

Now I don’t put it past the opposition parties to have placed a really bad dude in the meat cutting and prep areas… or at least have people that are that insane to hurt others…

But it is Harper’s fault!

Recently Liberals in Toronto experienced the wrath of someone that hates LIBERALS (or maybe just hates people). Their brake lines were cut and nasty things done against people with Liberal signage on their lawns.

That is also Harper’s fault… not a nasty vandal that hates red signs.

On Tuesday we need to vote for a new government. Locally the Progressive Conservative is being strongly challenged by the new-to-the-block Liberal that is making lots of noise.

Before I go too far into dangerous political territories... I need to go back to the cold meat issue. It is happening where people like seniors are vulnerable…. Someone else prepares the food for them… ordering it from a so called reliable source and producer…then serving it to unsuspecting people that cannot protect themselves from harm.

People at important places of the food chain – don’t care what they are doing. They do sloppy jobs and want to be paid for it… and it only takes one person that doesn’t care at all… to make everyone in the meat packing business look bad.

But then that has happened in politics as well. It has only taken one bad person to make everyone look bad. And one thing that I have watched happen – it is only “the bad” that people remember.

The simple solution to all this cold meat mess… is put it under some heat… fry it! Do this until the issue of inspections is in a better light. Until we all can be sure that what we are getting is clean. But for goodness sake don’t turn your back on the problem and go about doing what you usually do. Cook your meat… and if in doubt about what you have – throw it out and get some new meat.

And if you don’t like the politicians that lead us… stop complaining… and VOTE. What is really sad in my mind… everyone complains but so few do anything about it. When less than 35% vote in some communities… and only up to 60% in other areas… they deserve “tainted meat”.

Now there is a great danger that you think that I think that all politicians are bad. Not so. I am just a little doubtful about the people that they have to lead…that is where there is tainted meat.

Now I ask you one thing… will you begin to pray for our politicians today? Pray for the winners before they win… and the losers before they lose. Did you know that 99% of them have close families that are making huge decisions as to what they will do after dad or mom is voted in or out?

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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