Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Acting Badly

October 14, 2008 Election Day… VOTE!

In our area there is a wide range of ages represented in our political candidates as we go into this election today. There is also a wide range of opinions and attitudes.

The ages go from being able to be the parent to being able to be the daughter of at least one of the other candidates. There may be at least 20 years difference. This very much holds true in the attitude category as well. From youthful new ideas to the old party line – “They are bad – we are really good.” – or – “They haven’t got a clue – we are your only clue to good government.”

The youthful candidate stood and proclaimed that “Yes we can do it and make a difference.” The oldest candidate cuddled up to the idea that we need to vote for me in a “Strategic” way.

One older and well known community person that has been known strongly for her strong and vocal support for one party – loudly voiced her opinion about “Strategic” voting and said everyone should do it. But in doing so she added her personal dislike for the person now in the powerful place of leadership. Of course this is all in front of TV cameras and press hounds.

Stop for a moment in the middle of this muddle – and think about some hidden little people – young people that must be deeply affected by what is happening. They are the children of the candidates. (The youngest person running in our area is the only one that I think doesn’t have kids yet.)

Can you imagine how the kids feel when people hate their father or mother? In our area it will be the kids of two men that will be deeply affected. (The one older woman has grown children – so less affect I am sure.)

I feel for these kids and the emotional roller coaster that the family must be on right now. Their friends at school have to know that their daddy is trying hard to win an election… and maybe even picked up on the thought that daddy hasn’t been home a lot for 5 weeks of grueling handshaking and listening to people yell at him.

Mothers of kids with a daddy in politics are the real heroes. They guide families through the race course, rough channels of politics, and the weather of the weird world of political attitude.

You may have guessed that I am not political…but if I have to be something…maybe I am “a-political”. I really don’t think it matters who gets in – the problems are so big that come their way – that few will have a real new idea to deal with any of it. The difficulties that we face financially and socially are so big that the best they will do is to surf the waves of problems. That certainly makes more sense than trying to stop the wave or drain the ocean.

Political stuff takes a toll on everyone. After the end the 5 weeks of raging on and on…with your TV set almost hot by the many silly promises and subtle threats of our adults leaders… we are so glad to have it over with.

This P.S.(political stuff) also hits hard at the young and soon to enter the world of responsibility. My grandson is 13 and asked me one day not long ago, “Grandpa, who do you think will win? Who do you think is the best one?” We talked a while on the way to the Baseball Game he was playing in. He is very astute to say the least. One thing that he had picked up on was the fact that none of these folk in the P.S. were listening to each other. And each of them seemed angry at the others.

In our area a newspaper columnist stated a fact that is real. If the youth and young adult of our area came out and voted today – they would decide the election. Which ever way they went with their vote would elect our leader. But they likely won’t. Their apathy is very evident. They do not want what the older folk are yelling and threatening. (Reference here to the “Strategic” voting called for by the older lady.)

The youth are like a sleeping lion or tiger – if wakened they might just change the world we are in.

Election time has taught me one important thing – and this year is no different. People that get caught up in this P.S. act badly and turn off those around them – adults or the youth – and for that reason they stay away from voting stations.

Oh boy – do we ever need prayer for the people that run these races – either running in these races or running with the racers. We need to ask God for his guidance in these P.S. matters. Then if we have time to say just one more sentence in the prayer ask God to keep his hand on the family of our politicians.

I know what happens to the kids of Ministers in churches – when the P.S. is happening around and towards their dad and mom as leaders. It isn’t good. My friends, the politicians, have an even greater burden – and so do their families.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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