Friday, August 22, 2008

Why Bother Blogging?

The power of a Blog has yet to be understood really. It reaches way past where the normal Web Page goes. Web Pages serve their purpose yes – but are more static in nature with fewer up dates.

On July 7, 2008 my Blog Title was “The Most Beautiful Love Story Everyone Should Know”. The post was about Joseph Scriven, the author of the Christian Hymn, “What a Friend We Have In Jesus”.

While checking over the stats of the Blog today I discovered a reason for why I do what I do with the Blog. There in the stats is buried the fact that a person in Amman, Jordan came searching for “the most beautiful love story” in their Arabic Google Search.

One of two things happened on August 20, 2008 at 2:23 in the afternoon – and for the next 5 minutes and 23 seconds. They were… 1.) I connected with a Christian hidden in this country or 2.) I connected with an Islamic friend – who has read the entire story of “What a Friend We Have In Jesus”.

When you consider the possibilities of a Christian Minister in Peterborough, Ontario of ever walking into a home or office in Amman, Jordan to tell the story about Jesus – either encouraging a fellow Christian or testifying about the love of Jesus – they are pretty remote.

Yet because of this Blog – I have had the opportunity to reach way past the normal possibilities and have done it all without a passport or visa, and airplane ticket or a huge debt to travel there.

There are days that I feel so wrung out and not able to type one more word… and think about simply taking a real long holiday. There are days that I question whether it is worth it all… But then every once in a while some one comes to visit from Turkey, from Ethipoia, from India and often from China. When I check out what they are checking out… and then think of the possibilities – it blows my mind!

A few months ago when I completed the work and ministry as Pastor of Northview I was asked to take down the “”. I thought about it and prayed about it…but felt a check about taking it down. As it is ‘intellectual property’ it stands as my Blog – under a church name – so the name is changed. Not being the pastor any longer the fear is that the angry old guy will cause some problems(as if he hasn’t already ;-).

From time to time I check the stats on the old Blog from Northview – it gets about 20 hits per day – and most are from searches down from places like Jordan and India and wherever – all over in fact!

A Blog is done for many reasons. As you check them out it will amaze you what people write about and offer. Some are really good – others are embarrassing.

I offer these words as encouragement each day (almost everyday). And it is working…

Today with too much to do and a schedule that I have set before me – there was too much to do it early. But even at that 17 have already been by for a visit. Sorry to those who came and the mail box was empty – early this AM. I apologize for my tardiness.

I would ask that my friends reading this blog would pray for me – that God will guide and I will rise early to do what he asks me to do… just to be faithful.

Anyway – with this Blog Posting today – I say thank you for reading. You make my day!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

From the Seach from Amman, Jordan
From the Desk of Murray Lincoln: The Most Beautiful Love Story ...
- [ ترجم هذه الصفحة ] The Most Beautiful Love Story Everyone Should Know. Yesterday my world changed by a love story I never knew before. It is one of those warm and deeply
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