Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wellness and Sports – Yah Right!

She is small but mighty. Her name is Anne and she is a Fitness Supervisor at the Wellness and Sports Center in Peterborough. The Center is a large facility where people go to get it back – or keep what they have.

In the past few months Dan and Fernand have been partners through an amazing journey to get in shape and lose weight.

I focus on Dan specially as his weight issues are great at times. We have dieted together so I know what he has done to try to get the weight off. It is plain hard – if not impossible to shed the unwanted pounds.

A few days ago I rose early to connect with Dan at the Wellness and Sports Centre. By early I mean 6 AM – Dan and the others are there at 6:30 AM to begin their regiment of puffing and huffing. The regiment that is designed to get you into the shape that will keep you alive a little longer – while killing you as you try to muster the moves.

Anne is a key person in this regiment of exercise. The guys know she is mighty and good at what she does. They lovingly dubbed her with a second name, “Cornel Klink”, the commandant of the Stalag 13 (Hogan’s Heroes TV Program).

One thing that Dan does is laugh… a lot. Even through the pain he is one big ball of fun. I dare say that any class member has had a difficult time staying on track ads they have this “Santa’s Double” in their class. No beard but he still has a belly that shakes a little when he laughs… but not near as much of the belly that he had before.

As Dan explains it he has not lost the full 30 pounds that he wanted to lose – in that the fat that was there dropped off and the new muscle that he made is beefed up. And the bad news is – Muscle weighs more than Fat.
Anne knows her stuff. She apparently has also lost weight over the years and now fits the bill as an instructor. Trim and fit she can confidently walk around the exercise floor area and into the work out room to check on her guys and gals. Likely the check ups are not only to see if they are doing something – but to see if they are still alive…

The value of someone to walk with you through the difficult journey is something we need to catch and keep. Anne is a presence that moves carefully and quietly from one person to the next…encouraging and correcting – keeping track of where they are and pushing(a little) to where they want to go.

I don’t doubt that every area of our lives could be better if we had someone walk with us… stand with us… say words that remind us of why we are doing what we do… just so we could eventually succeed.

Think back to a coach or teacher that moved you from “I can’t do that” to a “Wow, I can’t believe I did that!”

I think back to the earlier days for myself, it was Cross Country Racing. It is likely the simplest of sports. You go out to an area in the country and then run. All you need is light clothing and some shoes – but shoes are not always needed by some.

“Whitey” as we knew him was lean and long. He ran with us all the time. This coach never yelled at you from the side line – but rather ran ahead of you – all the way. The way was always 6 miles – every night. 6 Miles somewhere… out in the country.

At about the 1 and 2 miles marker – the air was not coming easy…it felt like, “Why am I doing this!?” Then at another point it felt like a wall that would shove you over to the side of the trail. But then the last mile was just ahead…with legs screaming obscenities that no one could hear – you pushed on and on… until the end….

Whitey was always with us. When we dropped back a bit – maybe tailing everyone else…his pace would slow and he would then catch your stride step for step. As he fell in beside me he would begin to share a story of a race or and event that he taken part in. The wonder is that he could speak and run too.

Whitey was about 50 years old. He was in top shape. He was good. But he was always with us step for step encouraging and helping you to look to the win up ahead.

Now at 64 years old I can remember well. I can’t run it any more – but a powerful walk can be done easily – 6 miles is nothing – but it could be something tomorrow.

As I shot the video of Dan having fun… I am thinking…maybe Anne could help me too…. Maybe – just maybe.

Hey anyone want to join me? I can’t keep up to Dan now… but You – maybe…?!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Take a Peek at the Video…
Dan Haley Loses Weight Big Time (– 9 Minutes 37 seconds)

Wellness and Sports Centre
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