Wednesday, January 5, 2011

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW – in your home community

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Today’s Blog Post

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW – in your home community

Most Christians in 2011 would be terribly shaken if they knew what most people outside of their church think about them. They are hated by more people in the world today than ever before.

Now there are two generalized comments to make you spitting mad if you are a Christian that faithfully attends church each week… prays for your community – well maybe at least your own family and own little circle of friends. For most that is the world out there.

Most Christians in 2011 know only their own. They have no idea who lives next door, let alone the person across the street or anyone on their block that they live on. After all Christianity is a private matter and should be lived that way right?

Oh we do engaged the world and interact with them. But if you are honest, it only happens when you want something from them.. or you have been disturbed by what they do.

This is specially true when it comes to community leaders such as our elected officials. For the most part the Christian has a dim view of what these people are… and in that dim view it includes, Godless, self serving, bull headed, and even dishonest - not people that I know or like!

But on the other hand that is pretty much what they think about Christians, but can’t say it out loud.

Today I will be standing in the highest political place in our Province. I will be at Queen’s Park, our Ontario Provincial Legislative Buildings in Toronto. Each time I have been there I have be moved deeply with the history of this old building and the things that have gone on there over the years.

I am deeply stirred in that these folks working in the building make decisions that affect me deeply… change society and make changes to all of my world. Such power is hard to fathom.

Yet what affect do I have on them? Well go back and look at what they may think of you… specially if you are a nut case Christian. Now if some of the people working in and through Queen’s Park in Ontario have come from countries where Christianity is a horror trip for them, what do you think they think about you?

I have an answer for that… “Not very good thoughts.”

I am committed to telling others that I am not weird.. or whacky… or off in the corner protesting.

Today I am going again to let just one person(or maybe more) know that I am supportive of what they do. I am also taking some college students to see the wonderful old place where people care for their province.

Gotta run…

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Tim Schindel said...

Good for you Murray!! The only way to undo a negative paradigm is to create a positive one. How did it go?

Murray Lincoln said...

Excellent in ever way! I was with perhaps the best group of Masters College and Seminary Students(4th Year) ever... The tour and prayer time following was a boost that was very much needed for this ministry. It was pretty cold on the outside and with the wind blowing strongly from the west...brrr... ... but hearts were warmed inside.

This time as we followed the tour guide inside, having introduced who we are and what we do... she told me that her Mother was also a Minister in a United Church. A good conversation followed.

A great way to start 2011!!!