Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is Forgiveness Truly Possible?

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Today’s Blog Post

Is Forgiveness Truly Possible?

Together with others I have watched the events around the killing of the Sergeant Ryan Russell, a married 35-year-old father of a two-year-old boy. Sergeant Russell died when he tried to stop the stolen snow plow in Toronto on January 11, 2011.

We all watched the 12,000 strong support by the Police Officers and Public as they marched down the Toronto streets to the Funeral that day. What a powerful picture it was.

I watched one show on TV where an expert was being interviewed about “forgiveness”. He stated the steps that people go through with the tragic deaths of loved ones at the hands of others. Question “Can the Victim’s of the Crime ever forgive?” The expert gave his opinion.

At the same time our country is sifting through the feelings that we have toward the killer of Police Officer Russell, another part of the country is living the night mare of the killing of another special person.

In 1985 there wasn’t 12,000 at that funeral for the special person however. There was not the awareness that we have now of the Russell family.

In 1984, November 30th, Candace Derksen, was murdered. Her frozen and bound body was found in an industrial area in Winnipeg. Her murderer had his way with her and then snuffed her life.

Candace was 13 years old.

Candace’s mother Wilma is some one that I know. Wilma Derksen told her story at a conference that I was part of. I came to know this lady that has done so much for her community. Instead of hating and continuing in her anger, she chose to build a better community.

When I met her, in the past few years, her daughter’s murderer had not been found. It has only been in the recent years that through a unique series of events Mark Edward Grant, 47 years old, was found. He was charged with the murder of Candace.

Of course he is not guilty and a trial is now being conducted in Winnipeg as I write.

In reading the article from the Winnipeg Free Press today, Wilma and her husband have been noted as doing something that few others will do – They FORGIVE the MURDERER Mark Edward Grant.

You really need to read this story (Link Below – Derksen Forgiveness)

Here's an excerpt from Have You Seen Candace?, a book Wilma Derksen wrote.
"That first endless night, I couldn't sleep, and kept a vigil by the living room window. I sensed that Candace needed me, that she was struggling. The hours were torturous. I cried out to God, 'Why?' and prayed that God would protect her from pain," she wrote.

"I felt God was crying too. And then I felt silence. At that moment, I asked God if Candace was in heaven; I felt like something was over."

I am deeply moved by these stories of the killing of the Police Officer and the 13 year old. I am like all the other public that stands and watches. I wonder with every one else about forgiveness and the ability to turn the killer into God’s hands… and let society do its thing.

I wonder about Victim’s of Crime and the terrible things that they are subjected to locally when every one else moves on and they can’t.

I wonder about their safety after the man gets out of prison. They cannot feel safe in my mind!

I have a friend in Peterborough that lost her son by a violent young man acting in a rage. He was shot dead at his friend’s house. That happened a number of years ago… and the young man in jail is now much older. He hates the people that put him in there… and I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that his rage will strike again. But he will come out in time.

I am not sure that I could forgive.

I have another friend that was brutally raped by her own father from age 7 or 8, until she was about 19 years old. Her father raped her one more time when he dropped her off at the Bible College she would attend to become a Minister. When he finished that one last time he quoted Jesus in her ear, “It is finished…” and he let her go to off to Bible College.

Today her life is in ruin. She is hardly able to cope as the flood gates opened with her admitting what her father had done.

He has been in prison a along time now. He is ‘Born Again’ now… but he was Born Again when he raped her all those years too. And he was Born Again when he did the approximately 200 others that they feel he had raped and molested.

Soon he will get out of prison too. In prison he has taken courses and studied hard to become an Ordained Minister… really he is!

I want to vomit. And I don’t know if I could ever forgive – if it was me.

Wilma and Cliff Derksen are truly amazing. So are my friends Marie and Donalda – victims of the crimes.

My Government is pouring Millions more dollars into building more prison beds – to keep men longer. I agree that some men should not come out… but that DOES NOT APPLY to ALL!

I am dealing with Forgiveness issues all the time. And I am not sure that I have a good answer yet to my own question.

How about you? Are you aware of the other crimes and the Victims… not just the kind that 12,000 run to and watch on TV? Do you care?

I do.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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