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The Manitoba Sasquatch

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Today’s Blog Post
The Manitoba Sasquatch

Today there is no doubt that I needed Winnipegger Archie Motkaluk to come into my life. This week has been filled with up and down emotions as 2011 started with some very high moments and then some rather low ones. Thank you Archie!

Archie is 70 years old now. That means that he was born in 1941. And it also means that he and I are close to the same age.

The story about Archie happened on December 29, 1960… and December 26, 2010 That year he was 19 and I was 16 way back in 1960.. today we are both grandpas.

During that period of time we were both walking through the backwoods of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Well at least Archie would have or could have been walking in the woods… for myself, the part of Saskatchewan that we lived in had no “woods”… unless you travelled to the valley north of the city… and that wasn’t “woods” it was scruffy brush that covered the coulees of the valley around Lumsden.

Now it seems that Archie was home for the holidays in Renwer, Manitoba. He had been attending school in Winnipeg the article said. And I am only guessing at this… but at 19 he was likely attending the University of Manitoba… which brings us a little closer together again.

Now something else that brings Archie and me a little closer together is the fact that we are both Grandpas now.

It seems that over this past holiday he had some of the kids home for the holidays. To liven up the party a little Archie went into his private stuff and fetched a book that he had not yet revealed to his family in all these past 70 years of his living. Maybe the party was getting a little slow or something… and Archie decided this was the time to tell the grandson and granddaughters what he had done when he was their age.

Knowing that the grandkids are very sharp in this generation a simple story about a wild happening when he was 19 years old… was not enough. He would need proof to help the grandkids understand.

In the years past as the grandkids were growing up they would not have understood… and more than that.. his wild story might have frightened the little gaffers… so he just never revealed his secret… until this past week.

It seems from the article that was posted today Archie brought out his old book from 1960. And it seems that Archie was a bit of a artist way back in 1960. When he came back into the house with a wild story about seeing something really weird… his mother sat him down with the book and asked him to draw it.

There are the pages for his now 18 to 20 year old grandkids to see was his sketch of the 1960 Sasquatch that he saw near Renwer on December 29, 1960.

Now come on… that is not fair for you to laugh at this man! Stop it! Come on you 2011 Sceptic. Get your guff offs out of here!

Laurie Mustard’s story relates that… quote…
“Christmas Day at home on Lipton Street, with all the family around him, Archie brought out a book containing handwritten notes and a drawing of the Sasquatch he had a very up close and personal encounter with back on December 29, 1960. One by one, the family took Archie's book into a room adjoining their dining room, and read details of the day Archie clearly remembers standing face to face, eight feet away from a female Sasquatch in the bush near Swan River, Manitoba, and wondering what was going to happen next.”

“Home for Christmas from attending school in Winnipeg, Archie was visiting his parents farm near Renwer, Manitoba (south east of Swan River) and had taken a team of horses and the sleigh to go chop some wood three miles or so into the bush back of the farm.

With the horses tied to some nearby brush, axe in hand, 10:30 a.m., Archie was chopping deadfall when about 400 yards across the clearing he was in, he spotted what he believed to be a man slowly heading his way, stopping every few minutes to examine the bushes. Wasn't quite sure what the guy was up to, but by the time the "man" got within a hundred yards or so, Archie realized his visitor was a Sasquatch, who, shortly after, confronted Archie in a manner that left him literally frozen in place till the fear subsided enough for both him and the Sasquatch to take a few steps back.”
End quote

Now I will admit to a snicker here as well. No – No – not a sceptic or anything… just a little humour that I need now. But you would have to have walked in the Manitoba Woods at one point in your life to get it… and it would have to be happening when you were about 19 years old… and maybe attending the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg in the 1960s… which Archie and I both did.

This is just too funny. Old Archie… you crack me up… I am losing it!

Now why laugh?

Well Old Archie… it is Manitoba and it is December 29 – and if you have been out in the bush… it is DARN COLD! I have not known a Manitoba Woods experience on December 29 that has not been below Minus 25 C or F… and often approaches Minus 40 C or F!!!

Now Archie… you said that the Sasquatch was a girl… a female.

I also know that girls in Manitoba don’t go out in the cold… and the way that they dressed in 1960 – EVERYTHING was COVERED UP… not like at the MALL TODAY ON DECEMBER 29!!!!

But then everyone knows that the Sasquatch doesn’t wear any clothes… and your hand drawing shows that.

Now Laurie’s article quoted you saying… “standing face to face, eight feet away from a female Sasquatch in the bush near Swan River, Manitoba, and wondering what was going to happen next.”

And Laurie stated… “Archie realized his visitor was a Sasquatch, who, shortly after, confronted Archie in a manner that left him literally frozen in place till the fear subsided enough for both him and the Sasquatch to take a few steps back.”

“Confronted him in a manner that left him literally frozen in place…”

Come on now.. don’t stop there Archie (or Laurie)… that is not fair! WHAT DID SHE DO?

Now remember I spent quite a bit of time in Manitoba… later attending University but earlier wonderful weeks on my Uncle Max and Aunt Annie’s farm. Their son Gary was one of best cousins… and friends… at that time.

Now going back to the memories and that time… Gary and I were coming into the age that all teenage boys come into… we started to notice girls! And boy or boy did we ever!

I distinctly remember my cousin telling me one late night about girls in Manitoba being called “Sasquatches”. It was kind of a local nickname that the guys used to describe the rather ugly girls that no one would ever be with... let alone date one of them!!!

I know it wasn’t flattering and would be downright hurtful if the girls ever heard the boy use that term!

I had always traveled to the Manitoba Farm from the city. So Gary’s revelation to the simple city kid was nothing short of amazing.

When I first heard the term I used it on my sister when I called her a “Sasquatch”. She has heard Gary telling me why they called girls that. My sister immediately reported my nasty word to my parents.

Now Gary won’t remember any of this when he reads it… but then he is just a year or so younger than me… and you know what old men’s minds are like. (Please note I have not used the last name of my relatives to protect guys like Gary… who now is in business in Calgary… ahem… and has hired a few Sasquatches over the years)

Archie your story was GREAT. It helped me today. I laughed.

Now what did Archie see in the woods on December 29, 1960? Hmmm… I just bet his grandkids are having a ball with this one!

Seriously – with my grandsons coming into the age that they are… it is almost my time to tell them my stories too. Each time I tease them now about girls.. their eyes glisten over and then they grin with that silly grin… that all grandpas know.

Now Archie drew some pictures of his Sasquatch.

So did I… but my wife told me they needed to be in a secret place. “What would the grandkids think if they saw those…?!?” So I tucked them away… some day I may bring them out… and they will giggle I am sure. BUT my drawings are way better than Archie’s!!!!

I just hope they don’t go to a person like Lauire Mustard who tells a good tale.

Thanks Laurie and Archie! Great stuff!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Laurie Mustard’s and Archie’s story

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