Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Oscar and His Babe, with me looking on

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Today’s Blog Post
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Old Oscar and His Babe, with me looking on

Oscar, as I knew him, was old. He was rather aloof from what my world represented. From what I remember we would go over to his house on special occasions – but it wouldn’t happen during ordinary times. It wasn’t like going over to your Grandparent’s home. Oscar was relative of some kind – but I had no idea how he was related when I was a boy.

Later as I grew older and girls became part of my fascination, I heard stories of Old Oscar that impressed me. He was a lady’s man…. WOW!

Hokey Mokey the Old Dude was a mover and groover!

His wife has passed away and he began travelling to the warmer places in the winter time. He had money when others didn’t.

Living in Saskatchewan at that time most people struggled to make a go of it. My dad did. He worked at a job that required his presence 6 days a week. Then he worked hard each night at extra jobs to provide for his family, a wife and three kids at that stage… then a fourth one came later.

Oscar didn’t have to struggle like that – the dude was loaded… at least he left people think that.

By saying warmer places I mean he went to California. If you have been there you will know that it is so much better than cold Saskatchewan during January and February!

The stories about him and the women that he met in California were very funny. I think these stories came by way of his daughter Cecile.

We were at Cecile’s home one time to visit and she showed us a photo of her dad with a much younger gal sitting happily beside him in a bench in Sunny California.

Oscar was dressed in a white suit and with his white hair he looked very happy. I could only imagine what he was thinking with that cute, “younger thing” clinging to his arm.

What I remembered from the earlier days of my family interaction, his first wife was a quiet person, reserved and sometimes spoke sternly when she offered words to anyone. I think she was likely sickly or maybe it was menopause… whatever… she wasn’t someone that you would cuddle up to as a little boy.

The “floozy” sitting beside Oscar was NOT LIKE his first wife… NOT ONE BIT LIKE HER! That may have been why Cecile, his daughter, was a little worried about the developing situation.

I know that Oscar, looking like the Original Colonel Harland Saunders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, would display his great wealth and loved to impress whoever he could. And getting a Babe to sit beside him for a photograph was way too cool! Sending it home to your daughter to show what you have caught in California… or what was about to catch you… was way too much fun.

Now remember I was at that point looking at Oscar from a hormone driven teenager’s perspective, that also was drooling at Floosies that came near where I was.

Oscar’s Babe wasn’t one that I thought would turn my world upside down… but hey… Oscar had money and he was OLD… and it seemed to turn his crank!

I thought of this starting on this past Saturday and then grinned all weekend as I mulled over the old story.

Oscar was one of my Great Uncles. He was my Dad’s, Dad’s Brother. That is My Grandpa James Lincoln’ s brother was Oscar Lincoln. He was a very well off farmer in the southern area of Saskatchewan… and loved to show it off.

Note: My Aunt Annie, who reads this Blog, will probably need to correct me on some of the stuff that I have said… but this was my impression about Oscar… my Great Uncle Oscar.

Last Monday I became a Great Uncle to Alexander. Alexander was born in North Carolina. Five days later I became Great Uncle to Eric also. Eric was born in Alberta.



Neither little boy has any idea about the Old, White Haired Guy named Murray … who does some really weird stuff. When and if they are ever told stories about this side of their family… they will not have any idea who the old coot is!

I really started to smile when I added 16 years to their tiny bodies now… I will be 82 years old at that time – the same as Oscar was for me.

Like Great Uncle Oscar my life will go on… but unlike Oscar with a concerned daughter that vents to her cousins when Dad sends home a photo of his newly found floozy in California… I will do mine via Facebook… or whatever the new fangled communicator is – 16 years from now.

Now I know my friends will tell my wife what I have just written. I am implying that I will out live my wife…

Don’t know if that is the case or not… but I am looking at the funny way that the two 16 year olds, in 2026, will look at the old guy in the photos and giggle.

Families change with the growth… and arrival of the new little ones. So will ours.

In 2026 I will likely have the potential of 8 great grandkids by that time. I can’t wait!

BTW – Alexander and Eric… welcome to my big world and your clans. And if you do, at some point, think that I am a funny old guy with white hair and some weird stories… just wait. 82 years from now, 2092, you can cause your kids a real pain too.

Too funny… just too funny!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ /

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