Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Meeting with Mayor Paul Ayotte

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Today’s Blog Post
My Meeting with Mayor Paul Ayotte

This past Thursday I met the Mayor of Peterborough, Paul Ayotte. We had a good talk together. He shared his work as Mayor and I heard the heart of the man, Paul Ayotte. Paul was at the Royal Gardens speaking to the Seniors that I work with each Thursday.

We laughed together. He is a great guy. And he is in a run for his life this time around with one contester for the job of Mayor. It will be tight for sure.

I apologized to the Mayor’s wife for my words one time about the Mayor and the City Councilors. Yikes.

My words…
I was in a setting where a group of people were listening to me while I was demonstrating wood carving. I showed the group my “City Council Decision Maker” – the thumb twiddler that I make with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ written on it. The people all laughed but his wife didn’t. I didn’t know she was his wife until after I said it and everyone laughed. Yikes again!

She remembered me and my words. Oh Boy… but she grinned when I said I was sorry.

The Mayor laughed heartily on Thursday and stated that the council needed this contraption of mine. I am going to deliver one to each of them soon.

As I talked with the Mayor I shared with him about my former years as Senior Pastor of churches in many different places. I see his job as the same as mine used to be… leading people with many different ideas. He listened closely to me. He really listened.

When we parted I told him that I would be praying for him in the weeks to come as the election comes closer.

That day only his wife and his sister were with him at the afternoon meeting.

I know that there is another person that would like to talk to me as well. I haven’t met him yet.

This person is on and in the media a lot. He can do it better and has a better vision – in that the present mayor doesn’t.

Oh Boy… is that ever like Pastoral work… every one knows better than the person that is supposed to know… and no matter what you have done it is still not good enough.

When I told the mayor I certainly understood his job and his relating to the larger community. He thanked me deeply.

Am I pushing Paul Ayotte to the forefront? Not really. I am just trying to understand what he has gone through over these past few years as he has lead our city. And I do understand… more than many others do.

Would I personally run for or in an election? Nope. I have been a Minister in a Church for 35 years – that is way more political than City Hall. I have done my time and am now free… yes free indeed!

For that reason I am praying for the Mayor and the others that are going to get deeply involved now.

(PS - I am already the Mayor of Misty Hollow - see the Bio)

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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