Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet Chris Rourke, the artist

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Today’s Blog Post
Meet Chris Rourke, the artist

I don’t think there is anything that compares to having your offspring being interested in what you are interested in… or having similar talents that you have… and then really enjoying what they are doing. That is where this story begins.

Holidays are special. This past weekend was one of those special times when friends and family get together to enjoy what they have and give thanks. We spent a good time together.

I was in a slow down mode – just enjoying what I have and where we are in life. It was Thanksgiving in Canada and we were doing just that.

It was our privilege to have two grandsons from our youngest daughter’s family this weekend.

First I am old enough to have grandkids, for which I am thankful. I am also old enough to enjoy them as they are a little older. And I am young enough to do things with them and enjoy what they are doing… and not so old that they drive me nuts…(there are times however…)

This weekend I spent more time with the two boys as they stayed at our home. Usually when all four boys are here from the one family, it is so busy just taking care of basic needs – there isn’t time to get to know who they are – let alone do anything with them.

This weekend I came to know Chris Rourke, the artist. I have known him as Christopher Murray Rourke since October 2001. He arrived in this world when I was in a huge jet plane traveling over the ocean from Bali to Irian Jaya. When the plane landed in Irian Jaya I found out that I had a brand new Grandson! WOW! One month later I held the small wiggling boy that bears one of my names.

This weekend Chris Rourke sat with me in church. When we were singing one of the songs as part of the worship service he was singing his heart out along with his brother Thomas. I kind had to gulp and stop singing as I watched them enjoy church with me.

The sermon was great… While the minister was preaching Chris and I enjoyed it as he drew the cartoons that I had completed for him on the piece of paper. Yep – he is a lot like me – loves to draw… but now it is not simple drawings as it has been all the way along… HE IS NOW REALLY GOOD.

Chris spent time with me in the Garage Studio and we created together. I had asked him what he would like to do… and his answer made me gulp again.. “I want to make something out of wood with you Grandpa. I want to work in your garage with you.”

So with Grandpa, Chris began a fairly large task of making a sign for his house. We used a piece of pine plank, some carbon tracing paper, and a pattern. Chris traced the pattern of the fish on to the board. Then he began to do the Pyrography work on the board.

An outline first… then a little shading… then some more lines and still more filling… and the Big Mouth Bass started to appear on the photo. Chris worked at it steadily, concentrating on every stroke.

Now I should explain… Grandpa’s place is stalked with great video games and the machinery to play all of them. It is almost as good as an arcade – almost. And Grandpa just happens to have different games that the boys have at home.

Chris never missed a beat… played a few games… but was immersed in his art totally.

Now if between these lines of type you can see my chest swelling with pride… and my ego being stroked… you are catching the idea. This is my grandson and he is amazing as he enters his 10th year of living – and he is a whole lot like me!!!!

I think I will let the following photos, each worth a thousand words, tell the rest of the story – with the idea of not typing 11,000 more of them.

The one thing that I am secretly wishing for is… that I could live long enough to see what my grandkids take up for their life work and interest. Oh boy….

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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