Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Double WOW of the International Wedding of today

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Today’s Blog Post
The Double WOW of the International Wedding of today

Today I am conducting a Truly International Wedding Ceremony.

Kenny is marrying Helen.

Kenny is from China. Helen is from Cambodia. The Minister helping me perform the wedding ceremony is from South Korea. My heritage is from England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. And all the guest fall into many categories from all over the world.

Kenny graduated from Trent University. Helen is about to graduate from Nursing in Toronto. Kenny went back to China and worked for a while after University. Then he returned to finally meet and fall inlove with Helen. Helen came to Canada with her family when she was a little girl from Cambodia.

We all met and WOW! The story is amazing.

Today we will eat the best food in the world! WOW! I am blessed to say the least.

Such a happy day – after last week and all our bad news!

But then… what Kenny’s dad and mom came through in China leading up to this point in time can hardly be told. The struggles of China were great. There family was to only have one child. They have two… and had to hide the other one in the rural area with a family member.

Helen’s parents remember well all the turmoil of Cambodia and the terrible years there… and the trip to Canada leaving much of it behind.

Today is a celebration with both families here to see their kids get married!

WOW! Gotta run and celebrate!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Brenda said...

Is this the Kenny that we know???
Give them our love too.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the photo--This is the Kenny we love--he was an enthusiatic Greeter for us for a while.
What a beautiful couple they make!