Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am Absolutely Proud of Grandkids

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Today’s Blog Post

I am Absolutely Proud of Grandkids
I am so glad that we had kids! And the second part of that is that I am so glad that I our kids had kids!! Now my kids sometimes wonder about having had kids – when the kids are teenagers… and emotions are running up and down like roller coasters!

This weekend we have had the joy of having three grandsons stay with us while mom and dad are away with their other brother. There are four grandsons in that family.

There is a lot of wiggle in these boys. The untapped energy is far greater than that of the sun, the wind and the waves! It is able to explode in a moments notice… if grandpa and grandma are not watching.

You could hear… “Jonathan! Stop that!” or “Thomas! – that’s mine – leave it alone!!!” or “Grandpa – Christopher is always bugging me!” Or a giggle… then a semi violent, blood curdling scream… Oh boy… they are all BOY!

Yesterday was the best morning ever. They worked with me in the backyard.

Thomas who can be a big goof ball at his age – doing and saying insane things – but was absolutely quiet.

Christopher, though, the smallest, loves to work. He will attempt to pick up things and move things that he should never even think about! He loves to help!

Jonathan, the biggest and oldest one, has discovered he has muscles over the last year. He is taller than I am now at 14 years old. He is a whole lot like his dad in so many ways… and will pitch in to help in a heart beat.

The task at hand… to do the final winterizing of our back yard. Take down the canopy on the Gazebo, fill the Groundhog hole, take apart the glass topped picnic table putting it and the six chairs away, and do whatever else we could squeeze into the morning.

We got it all done plus some that I didn’t think about doing yet… like getting out the Snow Blower and getting it to run properly.

Well when the snow blower started these grandsons of mine just had to snow blow the still green grass in the back yard! And they did, back and forth, around and around… just too much fun!

Why do silly things when they are working? Well it because they are working with the “Master of Silly”… their Grandpa Lincoln. They only have one Grandpa… that’s me… and if I die this week… they will remember me as a fun loving grandpa… not a miserable old fart. (Ooops – there is that word again. But – again there is no word that describes old people that are ornery better than that one! Sorry to the sensitive!)

I stood back and watched my boys do a whole days work in two hours. My biggest trouble was keeping up to them! Keeping it organized with tools and instructions was a new task for someone that generally does this job alone.

Jonathan asked me last night, “Do you really do all that work we did today, by yourself?” I grinned and nodded yes. “Wow!” was his reply. To which I smiled broadly and said the Man Thing… “I have lots of muscles and Grandma to organize me!!!”

This is a small snapshot of three of my boys. The other three grandkids are equal to these three. To say I am proud of these kids is not really enough. I beam when talking about them.

I may not be around to see it all happen into their adult years. But what I have witnessed so far is amazing. These guys will do well in life.

On the side…
While sitting with the guys last night I asked a delicate question. “So, now that you guys are sitting here with me, I need to know about your girl friends. What are there names?”

Handsome Jonathan, kind of blushed and wiggled a little sideways, grunted and looked down, “I don’t have a girl friend.” Okay???

I looked at Christopher and asked if he had a girl friend. He is nine now. “Nope!” but he giggled.

I asked Christopher, “So are there any older girls that think you are cute and maybe talk to you and maybe… think Jonathan is cute too?”

“Ya…” he said shyly, she says I am cute and she hugs me. “She likes Jonathan! Her name is Arcadia” (I think that was the name..)

“I get embarrassed when she hugs me.”

At that point Jonathan was grinning ear to ear. PAY DIRT – PAY DIRT. Grandpa is not dead… he still can see a romance when one is possible.

And grandpa also remembers what it was like to be hugged by the big girls in the grades above to the absolute delight of his younger sister!~!~!~! Sheesh! I blush now when I think of what they were like.

Christopher stated, “They smell funny!”

Oh Christopher does Grandpa every remember the smell! Oh Boy! – I am a Boy!

Ooops… sorry… this was about hard working boys… not about what boys feel like… but…. Can you separate those two things? NOPE!

Gotta run.. the boys are getting up and they are hungry – AGAIN! Just like Grandpa!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Looks like you had fun while gettin a lot done!!
We took down our gazebo this week too--much to the horror of several sets of hornets. Each corner of the frame, tucked under the roof had two hornets snuggled into their winter home!They were Not impressed--nor were we!
But got the job done--always a sad day when we take our beloved gazebo down.