Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Special Anniversary Gift

There are days I could do cart wheels. You know like great big celebrations for what has happened. I just received another report about my young friend Jonah. It is a GIFT for Alida and me to get this report. What a special way to start the day!

For Jonah it has been a struggle from his very start. I was there the night he was born and began to pray for him at that time. There has not been any reports about Jonah that have not been amazing. The guy’s second name should be amazing!

Here is the latest.

The following words were shared by George Van Spronsen, Jonah’s dad – last Sunday Morning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Well this has been an interesting last couple of weeks. We have had many exciting new developments happen in our young son, that is only possible through God.

First off: We received word that Jonah’s diagnosis has been wrong. The geneticist that was working on his case mixed up Jonah’s file as well as 14 other families files. Jonah was wrongly diagnosed with Di-George syndrome. For those who don’t know, this is a very immuno-compromised condition, that requires almost complete quarantine from September -April of each year from anyone who is sick. However, Jonah’s new diagnosis is CHARGE syndrome. This is a much better diagnosis. It has increased Jonah’s life expectancy by 60 years, and has given him a much better outlook for his future. Kids with CHARGE syndrome have grown up to become Doctors, Lawyers and parents of healthy children. This is great news to us. Thanks be to God that the diagnosis was seen as wrong by his Sick Kids speech pathologist, and therefore an investigation launched into Jonah’s right diagnosis.

Secondly: Jonah recently had his kidneys tested for the reflux he has. He had to undergo several procedures including internal x-rays and x-rays that lasted 1 hour. The results came back that Jonah’s reflux has downgraded from a Grade 2, to a 1. This means that Jonah will not have to undergo surgery for his kidneys, and this is one less thing that Jonah has to worry about.
Thirdly: (I know, I know God has really blessed us eh???) Jonahs nursery school have made a decision that Jonah is just like any other kid. He is not going to have to have a nurse follow him around the school daily, instead there will be an EA on hand, that will have 4 kids to look out for. She will not deal with Jonah directly. For the first time since he started, Jonah gets to be a regular kid!! Praise God!! This is a boost of confidence our small son needs.

Fourth on our List of Blessings: Jonah received an all is well from his physiotherapist. He still needs a little prayer, because Jonah has to “JUST LET GO”. The therapist said that Jonah is capable of walking on his own, has all he needs physically, but is so afraid to let go of his walker, he lacks the confidence--this is the kid we were told would never walk---well guess what--he will! So when you see him, tell him to LET GO!!! She is quite confident he will walk up to get his diploma from nursery school next June!! And so are we!! Praise GOD!!

The Final and Fifth blessing: Jonah is beginning to use his voice---the one the doctors said was damaged. He is using it much more. He has even begun to sing. His favourite tune is Jesus loves me, and while he signs it, he tries to sing along. The other night, while saying his prayers (he prays for the whole world but himself), he audibly said Tim. Meaning our good buddy Pastor Tim, Jonah prays for him all the time, that he’ll keep singing for him. We are hopeful that Jonah will soon have his tracheotomy out shortly, thus surprising all of the doctors who said this isn’t possible. As our family motto goes: through God all things are possible!!

Thanks to God for the blessings, and thanks to all of you for the prayers!!

~ George Van Spronsen
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I said earlier that this was a special gift for us….

Today is our 41st Anniversary. We start our Celebration early with the story of Jonah. Then later the big meal will be over Goat Roti at a favorite restaurant in our downtown. Finally we will remember that wonderful day.

The other day in a meeting I was asked to introduce myself. One of the things that was asked of us was to tell of our marital experience. When it was my turn to share and I told them that in another week or so it was to be our 41st anniversary – EVERYONE applauded.

I think 41 years is the new 61 years in marriage. Everyone else in the meeting had been married around 12 to 15 years.

It has been a wonderful journey with the Lady I Love. Thanks Alida for the many blessings over all these years. We are not younger – we are just a lot better…. Wooieee!

And thank you Jonah for being a part of our special day!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
Jonah walking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k59Ugz3FYIA

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