Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 – 2009 School Year Heroes

Today is the beginning of another School Year where we live. My grandkids are off and running again. Back to school… oh the excitement that is there…every one is ready to go.

For about two months now Dads and Moms have been sharing life experiences with their kids. It seems like it is almost like filling in time as they wait for school to open again. But that is not true… they have had their kids again for an up close encounter – interacting with each one a little more than the school year provides time for.

These past two months may have been the most important ones of the year… where parents are with kids more than the norm. Holiday trips together and times spent doing stuff together has been invaluable. But do we see it that way.

There is something wrong with the picture if we think that the school teacher will teach them more than we do as parents. I am not saying that the teacher isn’t good at what he or she does… but I am saying that they should be second place in who teaches our kids stuff.

Moms and Dads are number one – not just for the two months of the summer when school is out. They should be there all year long.

This past weekend Emma our granddaughter was with us for the whole weekend. Her dad had to work and her mom was a “Baseball Mom” in Windsor, Ontario with Clifford, Emma’s brother. (Emma gets bored watching a long baseball game… so she stayed with us)

Over and over again she told me stories about her dad and her mom. She would say about anyone topic… “Dad says…” or “Mom says…”. Then again as we drove along – “Dad told me a story about….” After one short weekend I saw the powerful affect of two parents on one kid.

There is no other teacher as important to a kid than their parent.

There was a big flap in TV News yesterday. The recently announced running mate for Presidential Candidate John McCain, Sara Palin, Alaska’s Governor, was in the news again. Her 17 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant. What a thing to hit the news media frenzy.
A family facing this new bit of shocking news is one thing but to be placed on the World Stage one day with the news media vultures after every possible detail.

Sara Palin’s reaction was great… solid and standing with her daughter and family.

Her main opposition, Presidential Candidate Barach Obama –of the opposing party, stated that his own mother had him when she was 18 years old and he would not condemn anyone for what has happened.

The News Media Vultures were silenced by good parenting and wise leadership. These are family people that believe in family.

Compare this stir to the days of President George Bush’s twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, and any thing that they might do to mess up their dad’s election or re-election.
Family is important – and parents are the MOST Important key to that mixture. What school they finally attend is not near as important as the quality home they came from.

My hat is off to my TWO GREAT SON-IN-LAWS today… and my TWO GREAT DAUGHTERS. You four are doing an amazing job with the greatest grandkids in the world – MINE! I like what you are doing and want to say that you are doing it well. You are Heroes!

Thank you from a very grateful dad…. And grandpa!...

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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