Sunday, September 21, 2008

On Going Miracles

If I try to list the miracle in a string of words… here it is…

1980 to 1985 – Murray & Alida live in Hong Kong;
1985 – meeting with Mr. Chau’ and the Governor of Hainan Island, China;
1985 - coming home to Canada;
1980 – 1982 - Debbie D. lived with us in H.K.;
1985 – 1991 – Oakville and Scarborough, Ontario;
1989 – Rex Ing came into my life – we first met when he was a University student in Toronto – a Graduate Egineer;
1991 – 1994 – Yorkton, Saskatchewan – Debbie D. shares her story – going back to China;
1994 – 1998 – Regina, Saskatchewan;
1992 – “Bear” (Mr. Liu) – English Professor, the Head of the Hainan University English Dept – accepts Jesus in Regina and returns to China – he is Debbie D.’s close friend;
1998 – 2008 – ministry in Peterborough, Ontario;
2004 – meeting Franki Li in Peterborough;
2005 – meeting Mr. and Mrs Li – Franki’s parents at graduation;
2008 – this week – Rev Rex Ing suggests that she call Murray Lincoln to come to the church to preach.
2008 – Sunday 21st – the afternoon service at the Chinese Church meeting in the South Common Community Centre, Mississauga Ontario…

It has taken 23 years and 4 months to arrive at this particular point in my life to see this Miracle happen. Today I am speaking in the Chinese Church in Mississauga, Ontario. I will share the miracle of God moving in my life and the lives of so many precious Chinese people.

It is a great honour to be able to follow the Lord in this way – one step at a time.

When we met Franki at our church in Peterborough, it was a very short meeting and prayer time for her. Her young friend Kenny asked me to pray for her. Kenny had just become a Christian as well and believed that when we prayed something would happen. We prayed and it happen – God blessed and moved deeply in Franki’s life. She had just arrived back from Mexico where she had continued her studies.

Franki had returned to Peterborough to complete her studies. She grew in Christ as a Christian. Then she continued to move as new jobs came up and new opportunities came her way. And through it all she has stayed involved with a church wherever she lives.

This week Franki called to ask if I could come to her church to speak. Rev. Rex Ing had told her to call me. (Remember Rex… he had come from his graduation from the University of Toronto and his career as a very capable Engineer with Ontario Hydro – to take his Theological training to become a pastor… I had met Rex just after he had become a Christian under the leadership of another young Chinese Christian Pastor Jonathan Lee, from Singapore, that was doing his Internship with me in Scarborough.)

This story is a life time of God moving in me and around me. I am so thankful to be this close to the Miracle – and today to be in the middle of seeing the Miracle continue to happen.

Oh I forgot… Franki is a rising Church Leader, not a pastor(yet). Today she is my Translator for the English Sermon into Mandarin.

AND - Her mom and dad came from China again. While they are here on this trip her mother strongly gave her profession of faith and was Baptized two weeks ago today.

Today we will meet with Franki’s parents. We are absolutely delighted to meet with them again. Franki said that they are very excited as well.

You see… I have prayed for the Li family since I met Franki. Her father was very ill and not expected to live as I remember. He is doing well. Her mother is a dynamic leader in China – and has watched her daughter be transformed as she has become a Christian. Now they are fully immersed in the new faith.

Does the story seem too complicated to understand? That is why I listed some of it – carefully at first. It is God moving in me… and around me – always for my best and always in His perfect timing.

It is as if there is a Gold Thread of Blessing that is strung steadily through so many circumstances around me… And as God does the weaving the Tapestry in our lives is nothing short of amazing.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

SPS – that is a Special Post Script…
This week I received notice that I have been approved and accepted into the “Ontario Self Employed Benefits Program” or the O.S.E.B. program. That will allow me to begin work on my New Business – of WOOD CARVING! This will all help our practical side of ongoing financing our lives and making a way for our personal security.

With this I move from the Employment Insurance benefit – E.I. Under E.I. any money you make after 25% of the E.I. money is deducted from the weekly allowance. It was easier to not work – you made more…!

With the new S.E.B. I will receive about the same amount each week as under E.I. Any money that comes in while I am working with S.E.B. is added to the amount – NOT TAKEN AWAY! That will last for 40 weeks!

The ultimate goal of Chaplaincy Ministry with Leading Influence Ministry is then one step closer. Soon we will be able to see a further income from this ministry begin to flow. The Mechanism is now almost in place.

This week also we have received the largest Gift for our Chaplaincy ever! God has opened a Flood Gate somewhere and the Blessings he promised are flowing freely.

Thank you for praying for us! Thanks so much!
~ ML ~

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