Saturday, September 6, 2008

The National and International Media Services have not got a hold on this choice bit of News. I am sure of that. Wow!

I concluded the post of yesterday with this paragraph…
Now take a close look at American Politics and the way that each convention is displaying their “product”. Have you noticed how everyone is “in love with Mrs. Sara Palin”? Before last week the world had little idea of who she was. Today I know so much I am astounded… she is only the VP Candidate… not the Presidential Candidate….. and I am not even American nor will I vote for her… BUT FEEL THE HYPE – WOW!

Well I confess here that I certainly didn’t know anything – until early this morning. Governor Sara Palin is “one of us”… and more particularly – “really one of us”. One of the Vice Presidential Candidate for the next American Election is a Pentecostal. Hokey Mokey!

In a touching speech shown in a graduation ceremony for a Master’s Commission – where young men and women have completed their Bible College studies mixed with practical ministry – the then Governor of Alaska, Sara Palin – stirs her audience with her words.

At the Base of the Video Screen are these words describing this special day….
This video was taken from the Wasilla Assembly of God Church in Wasilla, Alaska. The church's website has been taken down due to heavy traffic after Governor Palin was selected by Senator John McCain as his running mate. We believe this is an important video for Christians to watch and it is presented here courtesy of Wasilla Assembly of God Church The church website states that "Governor Palin did attended Wasilla Assembly of God since the time she was a teenager. She and her family were a part of the church up until 2002. Since that time she has maintained a friendship with Wasilla Assembly of God and has attended various conferences and special meetings here. This June, the Governor spoke at the graduation service of our School of Ministry, Master’s Commission Wasilla Alaska." This is a video of that message.

This was shot in June 2008 in the Wasilla Assembly of God Church.

I am not sure how long this will be on the Internet when her handlers get a hold of it…or when her opposition gets a hold of it. If it becomes a tool to destroy her – the home church will gets some pressure to remove it – no doubt.

As this has stirred my heart I am reflecting on my new role as a Chaplain today. As I move toward the fuller realization of being a Chaplain to the Leaders of our Province – the men and women that are involved in the political structure of our province – I am deeply moved by what I view here.

The questions loom for me, because you have found out that the person that you have just met is a “Born Again Christian” – will he or she get more of your time, prayer, and support than others – especially if they are a politician? If they believe in what you personally believe in – will you favour your work with them more than others?

As I join the Christian Ministry of Leading Influence Ministries Ontario I am deeply moved by a call that God has placed on my life to love people – no matter who they are. I am there in a place to help everyone – just like any Chaplain does. Yes I will pastor/care for whoever needs help. No they, the Christians, will not get preferential treatment over others that are not like me – they will get tons of help and blessings just like the Sikh or Islamic or non religious person does.

In the very delicate balance and very active politically charged atmosphere of American Politicians – it must be very difficult for a Christian that is on the other side Politically from VP Candidate Sara Palin. Think of it. She sits in your church one Sunday and you know she is on the other Political Side – yet she is s sister in Christ.

Do you yell at her…
“I hate your political stand you are the biggest jerk ever!”
and then kindly say –
“I love you in the Lord my sister and I am praying for you. May God bless you richly!”

Kind of dilemma isn’t it.

Potentially I face that predicament. I am praying for men and women that are in leadership of our Province. I know where I stand personally in the world of politics and also in the spiritual world. I am me. But that has not changed my stance of praying for God to bless my leaders in my government – in Ontario… my MPPs.

The media at times dissects them and tears the political person to pieces. When they get wind of this video link of Sara Palin – my guess is they will FRY HER. Her non-scripted message given in the Wasilla Assembly of God Church was not Okayed by the Presidential Candidate John McCain – or his powerful handlers that get people elected! It is powerful!!!

In her speech she said the phrase, “For such a time as this…”

That is I the way that I feel. I feel so strongly about what I am doing as well. I am placed in a situation by God that no one else has been placed in. It is unique and it is wonderful. In this position I have no idea of what I will do each day – other than be faithful. I have no idea who I will meet – but only know that I will. I may have nothing happen in one day and then all kinds of wonderful things happen the next day. I am here for “Such A Time As This” – to be ready to help, encourage, lift up and simply be there for someone that needs me…no matter what political stripe they are, not matter what Faith Group they represent, of what kind of person they are – I am there for them.

But then as a Politician enters her or his role in this world – that is exactly what they do.

I highly respect them for that – and I will support them in Prayer and in Person.

Thanks for the Video Link my Brother Les… it was for “Such a time as this…”

~ Murray Lincoln ~

More about Governor Sara Palin – now Vice Presidential Candidate.

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