Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christian Idiots – Really STUPID IDIOTS

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Today’s Blog Post

Christian Idiots – Really STUPID IDIOTS

It’s Sunday – the Christian’s celebration day. The day you would really like to get together with Christians – if you are one. Yet – if you are not, you may not like them so much. For a whole lot of years of my life I have known I was kind of different from other people – as I was a “Christian”.

Now lots of people think themselves Christians and don’t think they are that different from everyone else. That is likely because they live in an all Christian world... kind of a Christian Bubble.

But not everyone is Christian in this world. It has taken present day Christians a long time to wake up to that fact… and some still haven’t come to that knowledge yet. In fact some are just completely in their own little world, their own little space, doing their own little thing.

Now if you are not Christian and reading this Blog, I can understand some of your aversion to me saying this word Christian so many times already in this Blog. In fact if you are a quiet christian, the kind that has a quiet and personal faith, that you celebrate in your own way, you may not feel comfortable when some one like me starts rattling on about Faith and the actions of Faith that kind of push me to tell people that I am Christain.
Now within weeks a new outreach program will begin in our community where folk in the community will be asked to ASK a Christian whatever they would like to ASK them. In fact it is suggested that these Christians that will be asked will be able answer the Question being asked.

It is a cute program that is now preparing Christians all over the city of Peterborough how they can answer Questions about Christianity. It has been advertised in our church bulletin for many weeks now. You can join into an Answer Group to get ready for the Question… from people that will be asking you about your faith.


I hate to pour cold water on a hot program… and worse yet on some of the dear folk that will earnestly be getting ready for the Questions that they will be asked. But I am predicting that this will be a tough time to be a Christian answering questions in the next few weeks.

That will happen all because of one REALLY STUPID “Christian” – who’s name is Pastor Terry Jones. He is the idiot of Gainesville, Florida, that threatened to burn the Koran back last year. Now the idiot supervised the actual act of Burning this Scared Book of the Islamic People. And he and a cohort did it all at the front of the small church, in a big burning dish, in a church service… then flashed it all over YouTube for the whole world to see.
In the last few days many people have been injured and many people have been killed because of this very STUPID MAN’S actions. In Afghanistan particularly there has been a horrible explosion of violence against the Western folk that were near by. In the simple mind of the local Islamic people, all Westerners are Christians just because they are not Muslim/Islamic! So all Westerners should die for what one man has done to their Holy Book.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, published some secret documents and embarrassed the USA. They said it compromised their security and everything in their power is being done to stop him, arrest him, try him and put him out of action.

What Pastor Terry has done is far more dangerous than what Julian Assange did. Assange embarrassed the USA, Pastor Terry will have made it possible to kill the Westerners – and hopefully the Americans wherever they are in the World. There is no Westerner safe anymore with this very STUPID action of one man, one church and one action.

I would not want to be a “Christian” answering questions locally in the next few days in my city. A whole lot of people are going to be distancing themselves from whacko groups that call themselves Christian.

One of the first Questions that I would see being asked is, “So are you like that Pastor Terry that burns the Koran on YouTube?”

There are quite a few Islamic folk that read this Blog from time to time. To you I apologize for the actions of one really Stupid Man that has done something very stupid. He did not do that on the part of the rest of us. We are not the same. Most Christians are not like this creep.

I am so sorry for what happened. Please, please know that we are not all that way.

My prediction is simple. Pastor Terry Jones will be arrested in the near future for inciting violence against the Islamic people. Surely that will take place in the near future. In Canada, what he has done is called a Hate Crime and there are punishments that can be laid out for him.

My other prediction is that Pastor Terry will soon disappear. He may well be a target now by the Extreme Islamic groups that will be hitting him soon.

If that does happen, I would like Terry to know that I am very unhappy with what you have done. You have disgraced what the rest of the Christian world has tried to do with showing our love. Terry some day you are going to have to answer for all that you have done. You are responsible in a horrible way for the murder of many… all because you are an egocentric, bad example as a Pastor or Minister.

You are one very big reason that I hate to be questioned about my faith… but I do have an answer to that earlier question… “No I am not like Pastor Terry Jones! I love people. I Love Islamic People – the same way that God does… and Pastor Terry is not like I am at all.”

God help us all – on this Holy Day for Christians… but most of all because the stupid actions done by these people of Gainesville, Florida. God help us all!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


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