Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hate Love Relationship with my Computer

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Today’s Blog Post
The Hate Love Relationship with my Computer

I greet my machine before my wife wakes up in the morning! I talk to it and it talks back to me. I depend on it to bring messages to me when ever I ask. I am in touch with people all around the world – just because of the computer that I am operating.

My computer and I have a ‘relationship’ that is closer than any other person that I know. Oops I let that slip… my computer has become a person. It has a name too… Mr. HP Pavilion. I call him “Huppy” for short. Kind of sounds like “Happy” I guess.

In relative terms to other computers this one is middle age. It may be half way through its life span of about 5 years. No heart attacks yet – or slow downs. It is still working hard.

My friend’s computer had a break down on New Year’s Day… and he only just got it back. I think the Computer Guy said something about a major heart attack… whatever – when the computer arrived home again from the Computer Hospital it had a new hard drive. Last I heard his owner was lovingly place more files into the new drive.

Another friend of mine that is blind – asked me to look after his computer. With the special files that I have in my possession and a little bit of loving the computer should be able to talk to him after I am done.

That was a little over two days ago. The computer is sitting beside me now crying. The new files didn’t do well in its hard drive. Today the silly thing has a tummy ache – AND I HAVE A HEADACHE!

After the 18 hour of working on it I went to bed. I said to my wife, “This is why I am glad I don’t do this for business full time!” I remember having a customer like a Big Bank that was very upset when their computer didn’t work. Frustrated as all get out… they would pay anything to get up and running again… but when it didn’t work they would call and call and call and call. Sheesh it wasn’t my fault!

The owner of the sick computer sitting beside me now… just called to see it the computer and I were on speaking terms yet. I told him that the little lap top was not smiling yet… but maybe by tonight.

The fact is with the day and age we live in… these computers are almost our life.

Today Apple is to make an announcement about their new release. Is it a IPod only bigger? Is it like a Lap Top? Maybe it is like a Notebook or something? No one yet knows.

Do you remember when there was no computer?

I was thinking of that this AM early. I was about 16 years old and working for my Uncle in Southern Saskatchewan. He was paying me $5.00 per day.

Someone asked me what then what I was going to do with all the money that I was making. My reply was, “I am going to buy a Transistor Radio!”

I bought it for about 1/3 of what I made that summer.

My how things have changed. My radio is in my pocket and the speakers are in my ears. The computer is now in my other pocket and through it I can talk to anyone, anywhere, any time.

When I worked for my Uncle the farm had its new Telephone system in. The old crank phone was gone and the new black bakelite telephone was in place.

At that time the last thing I would have dreamed is that a thing called “Huppy” would almost rule my life!

I heard that there is a recovery group started for people like me that are addicted to what they do with computers. To join into the program you have to leave you computer home. Hokey Mokey… I don’t think I can do it….
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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