Saturday, November 28, 2009

Royal Gardens – WOW!!

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Today’s Blog Post
Royal Gardens – WOW!!

Today I am off to “Royal Gardens” which is situated on Clonsilla Avenue in Peterborough, just up the way from where I live.

What a gorgeous place it is! Its name tells it all. It is truly Royal and even Regal. If no other reason it is worth the trip to just go inside and take a look. And everyone is Welcome!

I am again attempting a Craft Sale. If you follow this Blog you may remember that I made a grand total of “One Hundred Cents” last Saturday at the School Craft Sale. What will happen today?

Last week I brought in over $500 in Sales and Orders – between the Saturdays. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

I invite you to come take a look at this Sale. The other Crafters and Artists that come are simply amazing. I have spoken with at least four of them and they are looking forward to today.

I pause here and will give the up date later…..

5:33 PM Later... Home again! Whew!  What a day.

How does a 40,000% increase over the LAST SATURDAY'S Sales and Orders. Wahooooooooo!  Yes that is correct!  That is quite a difference in sales and orders for two contrasting sales.

I am very thankful for the response.

Then... opening my emails I find...
"Hi there! I was at the royal gardens craft show today and wish I'd come home with a bear. I would like to know if you are doing any craft shows in the peterborough area in the future? Thanks so much ~ 'C' ".

For you that care - thank you so much!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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